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Dirty Blood- Heather Hildenbrand - Merry Bloody Christmas

We both LOVE Heather's Dirty Blood Series and with the Re-launch of her book we wanted to help share this excerpt  and the giveaway Heather has for you! :)  Go grab your Copy today if you haven't! 

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Excerpt from Dirty Blood:

I nodded, still reeling from the kiss and the weight of his eyes, and
let him pull me toward the door. “So there’s going to be others at
this meeting? Like other Werewolves?”

“Yes, some.” He raised his eyebrow in a challenge. “I thought you said
you weren’t scared.”

“I’m not. I just—what if some of them aren’t happy with me about Liliana?”

“Tara, no one’s mad at you. They all understand it wasn’t your fault.
You had no choice. Besides, we’re pretty sure Liliana was a double

“Like I have any idea what that means,” I mumbled.

“You don’t have to do this, you know. Get involved, I mean. We’ll
still protect you.”

His tone was gentle and meant to be reassuring but I bristled at what
he was suggesting. “So, just stay home and hide out while somebody out
there takes a shot at everyone I care about? Let a pack of strangers
fight my battles for me?”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I said I wouldn’t freak out again, and I meant it. I’m going to do
whatever it takes to find this guy and stop him from hurting people.”

He nodded, something unreadable in his eyes. “Okay, then.”

I stopped short, throwing a glance at my closet. “Can I have a minute
to change?”

“I’ll be downstairs.”

I listened to the sound of his footsteps on the stairs, already
feeling bad for snapping at him. I hated my temper, and I hated when
it got the better of me even more. But he’d started it, with
suggesting I stick my head in the sand. That just wasn’t me.

When I was sure he wasn’t going to pop his head back in, I took the
plunger pieces out of my backpack and stuffed them into my back jeans
pockets. Like before, I pulled my shirt down to hide them. Then I
pulled on my boots, grabbed my sweatshirt, and headed downstairs. Wes
was waiting for me at the door.

“I’m going to pull the car around. Wait here,” he said.

I nodded, and he slipped around the side of the house. I turned the
key in the lock on the front door and then dropped my keys into my
bag. As I did, a familiar tingly feeling hit me, and crawled along my
skin, underneath my jacket. My head came up, and I scanned my yard,
looking for the source.

Just like earlier, I saw no one, but I wasn’t going to let it go so
easily this time. I flattened myself against the house and crept to
the corner, but when I peeked around, it was empty. The quiet purr of
an engine broke the silence, and I saw the Aston Martin coming down
the street, sleek and silver. The tingly feeling abruptly disappeared.
I hurried down to the curb.

Wes pulled to a stop, and I climbed in, grateful that he’d already
been blasting the heat. I held my hands up to the vents as he pulled

“When you picked me up just now, did you feel anything?” I asked, as
we curved through the neighborhood.

He glanced over, sharply. “No—did you?”

“I don’t know. I think so …”

Wes slammed his foot on the brake, and the car jerked to a stop. I
felt myself slam forward, and then the seat belt caught and held me in
place. Wes swerved the car onto the shoulder, and a spray of gravel
flew up behind us as we came to a halt. “What did you feel?”

“The same feeling I got at the pool hall. A Werewolf.”

Wes responded by flooring the gas and jerking the wheel hard to the
left. We spun around in a U-turn and sped back through my
neighborhood. A second later the car lurched to another stop. Wes
threw his door open and then he was out of the car, striding quickly
across my front lawn, scanning the yard as he went.

I reluctantly followed, carefully aware of my body’s nerve endings but
there was no trace of tingles this time. I waited on the lawn while
Wes did a circle of the house. When he walked back over to me, the
disapproval was plain on his face.

“You should have told me right away,” he said.

“It was already gone by the time you pulled up,” I said defensively.
“Besides, I figured I was just being paranoid, like the other day.”

His eyes immediately narrowed, making me regret the admission.

“What do you mean ‘like the other day’?”

“I got the same feeling in the mall parking lot on Friday night.” I
shrugged like it was no big deal. “It went away, though, and I didn’t
see anything suspicious so I figured it was nothing, maybe an
aftershock of my encounter with Liliana or something.”

A muscle in his jaw flexed. “Hunters don’t have aftershocks.”


He squeezed his eyes shut and ran a hand over his face. “Next time,
tell me immediately, okay?”

“Okay,” I agreed.

    “You do realize that someone is possibly trying to kill you, right?”

    “Yes,” I said, my voice icy. I crossed my arms in front of me.

    “You’re impossible,” he said, throwing his arms up.

    “And you’re overprotective.”

    Wes looked down at me like he was about to launch into another
lecture. Instead, he shook his head and got back in the car. And just
like that, the feeling of connection that had lingered since our kiss


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