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Cover Reveal - David James - Warriors Code

So David James, Author of Light of the Moon and Also The Witches Curse is getting to ready to release a short story called The Warrior Code.  AND guess what??? Yep he is sharing the cover with us to share with you! So get ready......... 

Here is is!!!!! 

Live by the Code. 
Die by the Code

"In the magical world of the Order, Warriors fight for justice, freedom, and peace. Becoming a Warrior is an honor given to few, and twelve-year-olds Zackery Solts and Kate Black will do anything to have a place among the elite. Zack and Kate must compete against eighteen others and pass three deadly tests of courage and skill. Above all, they must be strong because while the dangers of the tests are unknown, one thing is clear: not everyone will survive."

Available 5.14.13
The Warrior’s Code (Book 1.2) is an e-format prequel short story in the Legend of the Dreamer series that can be read before or after Light of the Moon (Book 1) and The Witch's Curse (Book 1.1). 

David James writes books about stars and kisses and curses. He is the author of the YA novel, LIGHT OF THE MOON, the first book in the Legend of the Dreamer series, as well as the companion novellas, THE WITCH'S CURSE and THE WARRIOR’S CODE. The sequel, SHADOW OF THE SUN, will be released in late 2013. Living in Michigan, he is addicted to coffee, gummy things, and sarcastic comments. He enjoys bad movies, goofy moments, and shivery nights. Be sure to visit David’s blog and facebook to learn more about his various addictions and novels.

Miss Me Not

They had a pact.
Leave the world behind much as they had lived it.
No one would miss them. No harm, no foul.
Their personal demons would be left behind once and for all.
It was the only thing they could count on.
It was all she had.

Madison Hanson has spent the last four years being a "shadow." Her parents ignore her. The students at her school stopped talking to her years ago, and the majority of her teachers forget she's even there. In her desperate yearning to leave her invisible life behind, Madison makes a pact with her only friend, James Garrison, to end their lives as inconspicuously as they live them. No fuss, no muss. No one would miss her and she would miss no one. Their plan is set, and it's all she can count on. That is, until fellow student, Mitch Peterson, beats them to the punch. Everything Madison believed in is shaken to the core when she watches the aftermath of Mitch's death unfold. By taking his own life, Mitch unwittingly saves hers. What a selfish prick.

She is now left with the daunting task of living. Trying to bury her demons once and for all, and finally trusting someone with her fragile existence.

Living is hell.
Death would have been so much easier. 

So one of the things that I absolutely LOVE about Tiffany King is her ability to write a book about a controversial issue and make you feel characters are feeling. Suicide is something I take very seriously and I hate when people bash it or the people we have lost. So I applaud Tiffany for taking on such a strong topic and doing so in an amazing job. Most of you are wondering why I can applaud her and say that what she has written is the truth. This is why; up until I was 18 I struggled with life and seriously thought about suicide. In some cases Madison and I are alike so I can relate to her.  Where she made a pact with her best friend James, I actually tried to go through with it. Her tattoo’s on her wrist are there to remind herself, I have a tattoo on my left wrist for the same reason. Only mine is the Chinese symbol for faith, it covers up my scar of the one time I tried to cut my wrist. So that’s my story and that why I love Miss Me Not and Tiffany King for writing this book. The more people bring this epidemic to attention, maybe the more lives could be saved.  I wasn’t able to find a statistic for 2011 but there were 38,364 suicide deaths reported in the U.S. in 2010. Many of you might have known one of these people, some of you have might not, and some of you might know one or more who could become part of the statistic for this year. The point is to open your eyes and see what’s around you. YOU could be the person to change the life of someone even if you don’t realize it. Okay I know you are probably tired of reading about this.. so on to the book!

Madison had a really hard life. She had two parents who were there but who never actually there. So she took it upon herself to try and get the attention of them. Granted some was a little extreme and one that ultimately ended pretty badly. That one thing ultimately left Madison feeling alone and had her fading into the background. Being in Jr.High/High school and the rumors spreading about her didn’t help her see the point in life. When she met James, who became her best friend, the pact was formed. Their friendship wasn’t the typical friendship; they provided comfort for each other, an out. That was until a fellow “shadow” stole their thunder. Then Madison had to meet with a tutor for one of the classes she was in, what she didn’t see coming was that it was going to be Dean. Madison considered him to be possibly the king of the populars, but she didn’t count on developing feelings for him.

I absolutely love Dean. He is quite possibly the best guy ever, so sweet, and never gives up. He starts off by tutoring Madison and gets her to agree to more tutoring even though it was supposed to be the one time. He slowly starts to chip away at the wall she’s built around herself. Getting her to open up to his touches and hanging out. He ignores the rumors about Madison and agrees to keep their friendship a secret. He takes her to meet his parents, to her first time at a theme park, and gains her trust. Dean is slowly getting under Madison’s skin. He’s getting her to trust him. It’s not easy and Madison pushes every chance she gets telling him she doesn’t need to be saved… but whether or not she needs to be saved, maybe, just maybe Dean has his own motives?

What happened to Madison that has her making a pact with James to be suicide buddies? What’s the reason for Dean wanting Madison to trust him so badly? Will Madison and Dean’s attraction for each other make the friendship line blur into something more?  The ultimate question…what happens to Madison, was she saved or does she become another statistic?

 You have to pick up this book and buy it. It is beautiful and Tiffany King, there’s no words to express how much I love and appreciate the time and effort it took to write a book like this. You are a hero and definitely brought hope to anyone who reads this and has is considering suicide. I want you to know, speaking from personal experience, that I wish I had a book like this to read when I was in that position in my life, sometimes all we need is a little hope. This book is that hope.

I think I have read all of Tiffany Kings books and they are all amazing! She takes topics that are hard in life and tackles them in an amazing book.

Teen suicide is a huge topic in today's society.  So is bullying. It breaks my heart to  know that so many teens and kids have to suffer for not being accepted.  I don't think I have ever thought about killing myself, but it did cross my mind what would happen if I didn't exsist.  There are some days when that still crosses my mind. People need to be wise with their words.  Words in ANY form (text, email, written, spoken) when said in malice or hate..... HURT.  You don't know WHAT that does to a person.  You don't know what they are going through in life, be careful with your words.

When I was younger my uncle ended his life. HE could not handle life anymore. I wish there was someone there who could have stopped him.

In Miss Me Not we find Madison, who has had a pretty rough life. Her parents neglect her and she searches out any way possible to see attention.  Changes her appearance, and even flirts with an older man. What happened as a result broke her family, created a MEAN mother ( pissed me off that mother) and left Madison at the ridicule of all the kids at school.  She tried to fade into the background.  Madison and her friend James (who was also suffering inside), had made a pact to end their lives together.  One day at school the found out a boy from their school had ended his life.  It seemed to have changed Madison at the students reaction to that.  I will say Now.... my heart broke for her life but my heart cried for James. I still am crying as I write this and he is a fictional character, however there are boys like him everywhere.

Madison gets a tutor Named Dean. He's popular and she does not know WHY he gives a care about her.  You will see HOW long he has cared about her. (smiles) Dean decides that he WILL be her friend and does not give into her pushing him away. He cares about her feelings. Dean inserts himself into Madison's life, saving her in the process.  You have to read how. There is sadness in this book.... I don't want to give it away.... but it shows what a STRONG character Dean is and what a wonderful family he has, as they help Madison. 

I recommend you going to get this book and reading it right away.  Share it with someone who you think might benefit from the story.

Be kind, watch your words, help save a life. 

If you know anyone who you might suspect or just someone who could use someone to talk to, be that person for them, it's amazing what you can do by just listening and being there for them. We all matter.  

Contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit them online at anytime 24/7

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Cover Reveal- Jake Bonsignore

Title: Empyreal Illusions: Book One of The Inferno Unleashed Series
Author: Jake Bonsignore

Genre: YA Fantasy / Dystopian
Release: May 29, 2013 (e-book); July 2013 (paperback)
Book Design: Regina Wamba of Mae I Design and Photography


A Thin Line Separates Justice From Revenge….

Fourteen-year-old Breena Taljain’s dreary existence in the slums of Purgaire comes to a sudden end when a chance encounter with a criminal mastermind known as the Patriarch goes horridly wrong. His assault on her for refusing to pay for her mother’s addiction leaves her comatose and teetering on the edge of life and death.

Galbrecht Atalir is a washed-up doctor struggling to overcome his inner demons through alcohol and aggression. He never quite recovered from the unsolved murder of his family seven years prior. When he discovers Breena as his newest patient, he knows at once that the Patriarch is the one who eluded him for almost a decade.

The medicine Galbrecht gives Breena draws her into a heavenly paradise. When it ebbs away, though, the recurring trauma plunges her into treacherous hinterlands. There, Breena must learn to find power in courage, hope, and love to overcome fiends of hatred bent on permanently ending her existence.

With justice burning in his heart, Galbrecht begins a race against time to seek out the Patriarch in the underworld before Breena loses her struggle against the ever-darkening terrors of her mind….


About the Author:
Jake Bonsignore is the author of Descendant of StrifeEmpyreal Illusions, and Awakening the Fire. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida with magna cum laude honors. Outside of his literary pursuits, he enjoys playing sports and is a fitness enthusiast. He is currently working on his next novel.

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Unlikely Allies

Eighteen-year-old Kimberly gets the shock of her life when she learns the father she thought was dead is not only very much alive, but never even knew she existed. Angry with her mother for lying all these years, Kimberly flies to Colorado to meet the father she knows nothing about before heading off to college in the fall.

Her father’s world turns out to be nothing like she expected. Rather than the typical nine to five lifestyle, Kimberly’s father runs a summer foster camp that teaches young children skills to build their confidence and self-esteem. The Colorado Rocky Mountains are a different world than the sunny shores of California, taking Kimberly completely out of her element, and causing her to second-guess her spur of the moment decision.

Never being one to quit anything, Kimberly is determined to show her father that a surfer girl can fit into this rugged mountain wilderness. That is if she can deal with Mason, an arrogant nineteen-year-old guy who has made it his mission to point out every mistake she has made since her arrival. While she would love nothing more than to rub it in his know-it-all face, Kimberly can’t deny the feelings he stirs up inside her, or the chemistry between them, even during their verbal assaults.

When a tragic accident leaves them stranded in the mountains, Kimberly must use her shaky skills to save Mason and survive the elements. Suddenly, fighting is the last thing on their minds as they must rely on each other if they want to live. In their struggle for survival, they realize what they thought they knew about each other isn’t true after all.

So Tiffany King is amazing isn’t she?!  She keeps be wanting more of her books, it’s insane!  Tiffany has a way of making you fall for the characters in a matter of minutes. Granted, I was a little confused about Mason and his “AMS” , want to know what that stands for, read the book! Lol seriously though Tiffany’s characters are so amazing and have depth that makes it seem as though you are a bystander in the movie playing in your mind. 

Kimberly, Kimmie, Beach Bunny, or Kimbe, is a Californian who happens to be an amazing artist. It’s the summer vacation before she heads out to UCLA when she finds out that she indeed has a father whom knew nothing about her. Always wanting to know who her father is, she decides to go to Denver to stay with him for 6 weeks. Talk about a culture shock right? Her father, Rick, is the proud owner of a camp, Unlikely Allies, in which foster kids attend. Let me tell you how awesome this is, my kiddos were in the foster system for about a year before I was able to get them and then finally adopt them. Something like this would be amazing to kids who are passed from home to home, with that being said, on to Mason ;) . So Kimberly makes it to the camp and is immediately attracted to a guy, cue Mason, only to find some hostility. Then Amy, a camp counselor and alumni of the camp, befriends Kimbe, as Amy calls her, and it’s like long lost sisters meeting for the first time. Let me tell you Amy is one of my favorite characters, she’s so dang funny that I couldn’t get enough of her! Hopefully Tiffany will make a book for her, she totally needs one!

So as camp progresses the teasing continues as does their attraction to each other. Rick gives the counselors a night off and that’s when things between Mason and Beach Bunny start moving in the right direction. Swoon worthy first kiss that isn’t stopped by the pouring rain, but by a camper whose run away. Groups are made, Mason and Kimberly take one of the trails and the down pour erodes part of the trail they are on and all hell breaks loose.  

That is all I will say about the book lol, torture I know, but it will make you want to rush and pick it up to read it right away! I will tell you that it is HEA and that’s what matters right?! 


So I have read many of Tiffany King's books and have loved them.  I heard many people loved this one so I thought I would give this one a read too. I am SO Glad that I did! The title made me think that the two kids in the book would be that.... I didn't think the camp name would be called that. AND I LOVED IT! I think Kimberly is my kind of girl!! I think we could be friends.  She says stuff that I would have said as well.  Love her Dad Rick. He is an amazing man doing great things for kids in foster care! I would have worked at a camp like that. I love to work with kids. I was so happy to see the route Kimberly did in this book.  The tension between Kimberly and Mason was funny.  I just loved the whole "get there yourself" theme in the book and how everyone took care of each other.  You might say.... Christina... you are not saying much about what is in the book.  Nope I am not.... I would give it all away. I think this is one that you need to "get there yourself".  Loved it!


Pick up the book on Amazon HERE and on Nook HERE

Make sure you enter this contest below to win Tiffany King's No Attachments that releases April 30, 2013!!

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Forever Changed

 Kassandra Cole has it all—a stable home with great parents, popularity and all the friends she could ever need. She is used to a lifestyle where everything comes easy to her, from good grades to being captain of the cheerleading squad.

Her entire world is shaken to the core when a fatal accident takes her father, causing Kassandra to re-examine the course her life was on. The actions of one individual forever changes her life, leaving her to pick up the pieces of her broken family. Kassandra begins to question everything she once cherished and the people she disappointed along the way.

Maddon Johnson’s life is as different from Kassandra’s as night and day. Abandoned by his mother at a young age, he is left to deal with his abusive, alcoholic father on his own. He has one goal, lay low and get the heck out of dodge as soon as he is legally old enough.

Everything changes when his father’s tragic actions send Maddon crashing into Kassandra’s world. Suddenly, getting away is the last thing he wants as he discovers it is possible to believe in love after all.

Tiffany King has yet again left me breathless. I thought Wishing For Someday Soon was a tear jerk-er, Forever Changed had me in tear in the first couple of pages. I loved how Tiffany allowed Maddon's POV come into play, it made me love him even more than I already did. I mean how could you not love him? Feeling guilty about his father who caused so much pain to her family, but still managing to watch and stick up for a her when they have never met, speaks volumes to me. Sometimes fate has a mysterious and sometimes horrific way to bring two people together, Kassandra and Maddon are prime examples of that. I also loved how Tiffany named the book after Maddon's band; it just fit perfectly and can totally picture the entire scenario playing out.

High School, everyone has been there. Everyone had to deal with the "clicks" much like Kassandra, but I have to say I give her tremendous respect for walking away from the people who turned out to be fake when it could have been just as easy to maintain the same charade. Just goes to show you that sometimes we all need to sit back and re-evaluate the people we call friends.

Maddon and Kassandra love was inspiring and consuming. It left me giddy and hopeful that maybe, just maybe, we can all find that fairy tale ending. With that I am only going to leave one quote from this truly amazing book, because well I think it sums it up pretty well!

"I laughed too, enjoying life fully for the first time in as long as I could remember. One tragic event had changed everything. Shifting our lives to bring us together and we would be forever changed because of it."

When I cried through Wishing for Someday soon I thought that another book couldn't make me cry...... well I was wrong.... a few of Tiffany Kings books have caused me many tears.... which means they are awesome books!  And Forever Changed is no exception!  I loved the dual POV's in books.  And This one was especially important.  Kassandra's life is changed when her father is killed in an accident and she begins to look at what is important in life.  And that isn't her Cliques in High School nor the cheerleading squad.  In High School all those things seems to shape people and Kassandra gave that up!  I love that Tiffany wrote a strong character like that.   
Then she writes in Maddon.  His father is responsible for the saddness in Kassandra'sfamily.  But when two people are meant to be together it will happen in any way possible.  Both of them were changed when the accident happened...... and no one expected them to even get together.....  but I lives change and grow.  I love Maddon in this book...... he carries so much in his heart and mind and it blows me away how much he cares for Kassandra.  I think I could sit here and gush and give you all the details but I wont.  To me, this book was about what's important in life, how situations can change you and how forgiveness and love find their way into lives that are meant to be together. 


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Hand to hand combat training: Check
Cardio and strength training: Check
Daemon hunting: Check
Anomaly: Check

Check, check, check, check...That's all my life is. There's nothing ordinary about me. I'm "special." I know this because I'm reminded of it every stinking day. I can kick a Daemon's ass with both hands tied behind my back. I can run up a mountain without breaking a sweat. Know what I can't do? Get guys to notice me, or hang out with friends like normal people do. I can't just be ordinary because I have an Arch Angel for a mentor who is always breathing down my neck, and a family of angelic Guides and Protectors who scrutinize every little thing I do. Just for a day I want a life where I'm no longer some anomaly, where I don't have to feel like a lab rat.

And then I met Emrys. Okay, so my mentor and family hate him, but probably for good reason. After-all, he is a Soul Trader, and they aren't the most trust worthy beings. But, he is sooo hot with his green eyes, leather jacket and the sexiest tattoo you've every seen running down his back. And-he doesn't treat me like a project.

I've got myself in quite a little quandary here. Choosing between my responsibilities and the Trader that holds my heart is something I didn't sign up for. Torn between two different worlds, I must now decide who to trust and who to walk away from. What's a girl to do? See what I mean? I am an anomaly. I am Jordyn.
OH MY GOD!! I can honestly say that I am struck speechless, like seriously speechless. I was like wait what and then I was like OMG and then I was like No and then UGH no freaking way! Now I’m like please give me the next book, like I needed it yesterday! Ok so this is a wicked twist on angels, daemons, and soul traders. It’s a given that Tiffany King ranks extremely high in my book. Why? Well it because no matter the subject matter of what she is writing I feel like I can relate it to some section of my life even if the book is about angels, daemons, soul traders, and the anomaly known as Jordyn. How can I relate you ask? Well that simple, I’ll give it to you in a quote…

“I was alone. Alone to ponder the cards I had been dealt. Alone to make sense of what I was.”

Most people won’t own up to it right away but I believe part of moving on and growing is dealing with the cards you are dealt. Do you believe in faith and that we all have a destiny? Well in Jordyn, destiny is set out for Jordyn but not in the way you would expect considering you’re dealing with angels. So Jordyn is 17 a few months shy of the big 18 and earning what she would hope to be her freedom… little did she know that the Light has bigger plans for her. Plans that have been weaved into a web of lies. By everyone she’s trusted.

Then she meets Emrys. A hot green eyed boy who’s not a boy but something more? But is he good or bad? Is he there to help her or defeat her? SO many questions for this hot boy that make his appeal that much more alluring. There’s something about the mysterious bad boy look that has all the girls turning their head. I know I do and you give me a “…green-eyed, rebel-hottie…” that has a tattoo, *clears throat* yes please! The thing is, like most bad boys, he has this hidden sweet side. 

“To me it does,” he said quietly before grasping my hand in his.”

It doesn’t stop there though. Emrys is seriously an awesome character that I fell in love with. I call dibs on him Tiffany!! Lol but seriously. It’s cute to see how he acts around Jordyn and I love their playful banter. I just love everything about this book and cannot wait for the next book in this series.

“Sweets, all my plans begin and end with you.”

Can I just say I would love a kiss from Emrys! If Jordyn reacted the way she did, granted it was her first kiss, but my first kiss was nowhere in the vicinity of that kiss! *fans self* But just as everything is starting to look good things get muddy. Trust goes out the window when lies start to unravel. Who’s lying, what are the lying about, and what’s happens? All questions you are going to have to find out by reading Tiffany King’s new amazing novel JORDYN. When you get to the end you are going to want more and like right away.

So in the words of Jordyn, “holy freaking frick “ you are going to devour this book.

First I must say, Tiffany King is AWESOMESAUCE! I've read all her books, and having a spin off of the Saving Angels series, is well Awesomesauce with a cherry on top.

I loved seeing the characters from the Saving Angels series in this book. Krista and Mark were my favorites. Jordyn, whom they adopted, is special.  They were TOLD she lost her family and memory in a car crash. Jordyn is so special that she gets training from that , oh so AWESOME Arch Angel, Haniel! Yes Haniel is back. If you haven't met him, seriously go read the Saving Angels books.
Apparently Jordyn can kick Daemon butt, better than the protectors. Haniel is there to hone her skills and, yes as always keep secrets. (Sigh) sometimes Haniel can be Lamesauce.

Jordyn meets a Soul Trader named Emrys. He's hot, mysterious, sarcastic and totally amazingsauce. And Haniel doesn't want Jordyn anywhere near him. Does that stop Emrys from visiting, No. Does Jordyn act like the typical teenager and go places with him? OF COURSE. I will say for a dude who deals with the trading of souls, he's hot. After getting in trouble for going places with Emrys, Jordyn is put on house arrest. Then Mark and Krista agree to let her see him, based on normal teen dating status.

When on a double date Jordyn, Emrys, Lynn and Robert encounter some particular Daemons, information is brought forward that hurts Jordyn. Emrys was sent on purpose but wasn't fulfilling that purpose. What was it? And Hearing what her family and Haniel kept from her what will Jordyn do?

 This is a serious must read. I want the next book like yesterday.

So, if you want an awesomesauce book from the amazingsauce Tiffany King, go read this. You won't be sorrysauce.
 (Please note all the sauce's were in theme with part of the story)

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The Ascended-Saving Angel Series

The Ascended is the final installment of The Saving Angels Trilogy. With Krista's life in turmoil, she is now struggling with the responsibilities that have been passed down to her. With the help of Haniel and her friends, Krista risks everything, including her soul, to march into the den of the Dark Angel. Their only chance for survival is for Krista to find the courage to accept the new role that fate has bestowed upon her, even if it means losing her loved ones forever.

I was finally able to finish the Saving Angel Trilogy by Tiffany King and let me just say I absolutely LOVED it. I however want more and if you did too, be sure to check out Jordyn, it’s a new series that has the characters for this trilogy and you are going to LOVE it. Our review for Jordyn will be up tomorrow! So to recap, we left of with some pretty nasty things going down in the Forgotten Souls, stuff that had me crying and left me with loads of questions.

*SPOILER* Stop here if you haven't read this book two yet.

At the end of the Forgotten Souls, Krista and Mark are torn apart. Is it because Mark joined forces with his father causing him to become a forgotten soul? Was it because Krista failed to protect him? Or was it because Victor out smarted Krista? Trust me when I say you’ll find out exactly what happened, but not until later on. Unlike the other two books, this one is fast paced and I loved it. I loved how the band came together to try and help Krista. Losing the one person you are created for, the one person you love above yourself is no easy task to deal with, but Krista manages, somewhat. Mostly with the help of her friends and Haniel.

“His very essence sparkled like a diamond and the pure joy radiating off him was overwhelmingly contagious.”

I love the way Tiffany King writes. She’s able to express such emotion through her words that are both magnificent and awe inspiring. I hope to be able to write like that one day. I like Haniel a little more in this book. Tiffany allowed us to get a deeper insight into him through his bond with Krista. Haniel trust Krista, sees something in her that reminds him of someone else. The quote above is Krista describing something about Haniel. For him being an Archangel, in this moment he is completely human. He’s feeling emotions like a human would, which brings him more in to the realm of humanity than otherworldly and I had more respect for him this way. Hell bent on keeping hope, which is one of her virtues, spurs the ban together with the help of the other band members and Haniel into going after Victor.

It’s no longer just an experiment with him and the other guides and protectors, it’s now affecting humanity and the light cannot sit by any longer. So what do they do and how does Krista fit into this? Well let’s just say Krista’s abilities are now more than what she was as a guide. She can still filter emotions, but at a much more rapid pace as the others. Among other “gifts” as they are called, which comes with her new territory. What that territory is, you’re going to have to read to find out.

So what happened to Mark? Is he fighting alongside his father becoming one of these forgotten souls or is it something more? What about the two members of the band that we have yet to meet, how do they fit into this and who exactly is related to whom? All questions that get answered. Though with all the ones I had answered I still feel like I’m missing some answers, but maybe that’s the way it was intended, maybe the questions will get answered in the new spin off series? Either way this book was an awesome ending to an amazing series and I cannot wait to see where the spin off goes from here.


I was on my toes the entire time with this book.  In Forgotten Souls we watched Mark walk away from the group and from Krista.  I was LIKE NO WAY NO WAY!!!!!!!!  I quickly messaged Tiffany and asked what was happening. She told me to pick up this book and go.  So I did.  I started reading very fast because I wanted to get to the Mark part.  I wanted to find out WHAT THE HECK!  Why did he do it??  Are they broken up?  NOOOOO Krista can not ... NOT have someone.  My mind rebelled.

Haniel has allowed Krista to lead a search for Mark.  Haniel usually follows what "The Light" Tells him.  And now he is training Krista with her new powers.  She has become stronger and there are new things that she can do.  There is not much to say without spoiling.... but the group goes camping and on a trip to find Mark.  The place where Victor Mr. Dark angel has him is EEEEERIE.  Also...... Do you think Mark REALLY went bad?  

I love how Tiffany resolved this book!  It's amazing!  And...... I got warm fuzzies too!  I love them all.  And even Funny Haniel, get something special added it. 

Go get this and press through!  You will be so happy you did! 


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Wishing for Someday Soon

Seventeen year old Katelyn Richards is a stronger person than anyone will ever know, and that is just the way she wants it. Behind her normal facade lies the reality of a broken home life. Thanks to her abusive mother, a string of deadbeat stepfathers, and an unsympathetic system, Katelyn has learned that the only one she can count on is herself. Her life’s mission has become to shield her nine year old brother, Kevin, and to give him the future that they both wish for. A life with no more abuse, no worries about where their next meal will come from, and no more wondering if they will have a roof over their heads. When her mother moves them again, this time to a small town in Montana, Katelyn’s resolve is shaken when she meets Max, a cute boy from her new school, who gets a glimpse into her real world. Max slowly manages to break through Katelyn’s wall of distrust, stirring up feelings she never saw coming. Now with her world more complicated than she ever intended, Katelyn struggles with the decision to follow her heart into the arms of the first boy she has ever loved. A decision that could risk the promise she made to protect Kevin, and to give them the ‘someday soon’ that is so close within their grasp.

Hey everyone, I know you're probably wondering what happened to book 3 in The Saving Angel Trilogy, The Ascended, well I hit my head rather impressively this week and can't really focus on reading, let alone looking at the screen for too long. So instead I decided to post WFSS next, and I will try and get The Ascended up for tomorrow's post. Thanks for baring with me guys! On to my review and then C's review of WFSS!

I have to admit this book was a hard one for me to read. Tiffany King is an amazing writer and how she got through this I’ll never know. Katelyn is probably the most heroic person I have ever read about and to me is deemed idol worthy. Her life with her little brother Kevin wasn’t an easy one but through perseverance they made it through it all. Along the line Katelyn was able to fall in love, Max, and was also able to realize they were never alone.

“Do you understand how tough this is and how much you mean to me?”

Max. If we could all have a Max I think we would all be set. Seriously, that quote above is from him and I instantly fell head over heels in love with him. I’ve read this book more times than I can count. Each time only furthering my love for him. He doesn’t give up on Katelyn even when she tries to push him away.

“I will always love you.” And “You know, I’m never letting you go now.” Are quite possibly my 2 favorite quotes from Max.

Then there’s Katelyn’s little brother Kevin. This kid is amazing, seriously.  For what he’s had to see his sister go through… it’s unbelievable. There’s a part in the book where he tells Katelyn, “Yes I did. I’m the man of this family and it’s my job to protect you.” My heart breaks a little for him every time I read this book, Katelyn’s too. No one should ever have to go through what they did.

Some pretty intense stuff goes on towards the end. Just when everything is looking up for Katelyn, everything goes wrong. Faced with having to move again, she leaves with Max. One last hurrah that turns into something way worse. What is it you ask? Well I’m not going to tell you. You have to read this book if you haven’t already. Make sure you have tissues close by because you are going to need them. I will leave you with one more quote.
“It’s Someday soon.”

The reason why this book was so hard for me, other than the contents of course was simply because I could relate to Katelyn. My family wasn’t exactly like hers, my mother actually cared and if it wasn’t for her I don’t know what me and my older brother would have done. However, were my mom was wonderful my dad, well, he wasn’t. Needless to say my parents divorced and life seemed to be getting along better. That’s until he decided to remarry and have 3 more kids. Skipping over some horrible incidents, at 23 I got a call from my oldest brother saying I needed to move back to my hometown in Texas from Nevada because my father and his wife were getting arrested and my 3 innocent little brothers were being taken by CPS. My heart literally broke and I was on the next plane. Two years later, 50 hours of classes, and court signed papers, I am now a mother of 3 amazing boys.  Three boys who got their Someday Soon!

Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Things do happen, horrible things, but the thing is even when it seems like there’s no way it could get better, it does. All it takes is one spark of light to illuminate the dark. One spark of hope to make the impossible possible. 


Tiffany King really moved me with this book. I could not imagine having Katelyn's life.  Katelyn has an abusive mother and a string of deadbeat stepfathers.  She is in charge of most of the house and keeping her brother well fed.  That is hard to do when her mother spends their money and there isn't much to eat.  When they move to a new town and a new school, AGAIN Katelyn meets a cute sweet boy, MAX.  Katelyn doesn't trust many and doesn't let to many into her messed up life to help.  Max works his way into her life and the story is just amazing from there.  I Loved how Tiffany writes a strong girl who has dealt with so much and then puts a boy in her life that WANTS to help her.  Hello where does that happen much?  I really hope mothers and fathers are raising there sons to be like Max.   I was sickened by the life that Katelyn had, but she kept a positive attitude wishing that Someday Soon her life would change.  I don't want to give too much away but I did cry MANY times.  This was SUCH a great book and I hope girls everywhere read it and take courage in their lives.   You won't be sorry once you've read this book.  


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