Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Heather Hildenbrand Dirty Blood 1 liner contest!

Hey Everyone!!  One of our Favorite Author is having a contest!! Heather Hildenbrand, Author of the Dirty Blood Series is inviting us the reader to have a line in Dirty Blood 5!  

Have you read the series yet?  You can get Books 1-3 in the series here : Amazon

and Book 4 here : 

IF you have read the books and want to think of some lines for the characters here are the instructions from Heather :) 

Yup, you read that right. The winner gets their 1-LINER printed in Dirty Blood 5!!!! It can be wacky or crazy or sexy or hilarious or all of the above! So think hard about this one. Make it good and then submit your words via the entry form on my website here OR share the contest on your blog/FB/Twitter!
I can't wait to see the sort of entries people come up with! And if you're as excited to share your goofy, werewolfy words with the world, SHARE them on Facebook or Twitter and tag me! Or use the hashtag #DB5contest so I can re-share your 1-LINER with everyone!
This contest is so much for you guys. My readers. Mostly because I know you're impatiently waiting and wishing for #5. So, this is for you. Let's cheer on #TeamAlex and #TeamWes or even #TeamCambria by giving them an epic line to utter before the series ends!
All the lovey-dovery warm fuzzies,

So what are you waiting for ??? GO enter!! :)  

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