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What's next for David James?

We girls here at Crazy Book Chicks fell in love with David James and his Legend of the Dreamer Series. When I started seeing teasers of his newest novel, to say I was excited was putting it mildly. I hope you are just as interested in the promise of this novel as much as we are. Be sure to sign up for the cover reveal that will be taking place on July 16, 2014!  Make sure to read the interview with David James and check out the amazing teasers!

Hey David, thanks for taking some time away from your busy life to chat with me!
Anytime! Thanks for having me on your blog.
I've noticed you’re working on a YA Contemporary Romance, Between the Stars and Sky... Can you tell me a little about it?
Yah! Between the Stars and Sky is a love story with a dark twist. It’s a story about a boy and a girl, both trying to find where they belong. Except, this is not your ordinary love story. Because as they fall in love (or don’t) they first have to survive a dangerous game called the Firelight Fall.
Point of views make a difference in the way emotions come across, can you tell me what perspective BtSaS is going to be told from?
It’s told from the boy only. Jackson Grant.
Where did the inspiration for this story stem from?
I wanted it to be a story that was about the between of things, and I think that’s something we all can relate to. Being between love, between jobs, between happy and sad. It’s a difficult place to be, but also the place when we have the most freedom to make change and discover who we really are. Those are the things I thought about when writing this book.
Did your writing routine change at all for this novel since it's a different genre?
A little. It was different to write more realistic fiction and not include ANY paranormal aspect at all. I read a lot of contemporary stories and focused more on real life instead of dreams.
Can you share your favorite line from the story or maybe a short teaser?
No teaser just yet! But I will give you one of my favorite lines, a line that’s actually on the cover.
“Find the place where love is infinite.”
I love this line because it shows how all types of love are really different and unique. I’m excited for you to find out which kind of love is in this story!
From personal experience I need music to write anything. When you released Shades of the Stars,you had an impressive playlist, can we expect the same for Between the Stars and Sky?
Of course! It’s a different kind of playlist, and there’s actually a One Direction song on it, but it’s still the same type of music. Because this story isn’t as dark as my first novel, a lot of the songs are lighter.
Can you give us a song that might be on the playlist, maybe a theme song or one that means the most?
Well, since I told you about One Direction, I guess I HAVE TO NOW. Haha. One Direction’s “Summer Love” is a song that is really close to this story.

I like to find the underlining message or meaning when I read, if there was one thing you wanted your readers to take away from this novel, what would it be?
Maybe your first love isn’t the best love for you, but maybe your second love will be. The point being, we never really know. We are all between something. And in that between we can be anything.
I have to say with that, you’ve thoroughly intrigued me and I can’t wait to read this book. Let’s talk covers. All of the covers in The Legend of the Dreamer series are absolutely stunning, I have no doubts this one will be any different, when can we feast our eyes on its beauty?
Soon! I seriously can’t wait to show it to my readers. It is by far the most beautiful cover I have so far, and as soon as I saw it I died a little. Actually, and don’t tell anyone, most days I open the file just to look at it once or twice to make sure it hasn’t changed! It hasn’t. Still awesome.
Is this going to be a standalone or part of a new series?
Between the Stars and Sky is a standalone. The paperback will feature a short story, but the story begins and ends with the novel.
Jackson Grant, I have to say that name holds promise and if he’s any resemblance to the teaser images you have out, I have no doubt I’ll be swooning over him. Can you give us anything about him to tie us over?
I actually based the book a little on The Great Gatsby, so imagine that. Jackson is a guy who has been going through a lot of changes in his life. Big ones. And the idea Is that most of those changes have already come and gone, and at the beginning of this story he is ready to start something new. He’s not stubborn, but he questions everything. And after all he’s been through, he’s wants nothing more than to keep the people he loves close to him.
You mentioned a girl before, can you tell us anything about her?
If Jackson Grant is questioning, Sarah Blake is the girl who just runs and doesn’t think. She’s incredibly brave but not fearless. Sarah is the type of person who has many different layers, and while her outer later may be perfect for Jackson, it’s what’s underneath that really counts in this story.
What about the other characters? Secondary characters are just as important as the MC’s, any of them I need to keep an eye on?
YES! As always. Even though Jackson and Sarah are the main characters of Between the Stars and Sky, there are many others you should look for. There are two characters, Miles and Sean, who are featured in the short story in the paperback of the book. Miles and Sean are almost as much a part of the story as Jackson and Sarah. I think you’ll like Miles a lot. He’s very sarcastic and funny and kind of a troublemaker.
Can you tell us about this game, The Firelight Fall, without revealing too much?
The Firelight Fall is actually a love story. There is a legend attached to the game, about the founding of the town they live in.  Teens play the game to honor the legend, and be a part of it. There is a jump, some fire, and a lot of screaming. But this story, Between the Stars and Sky, is more about uncovering why, exactly, Jackson and Sarah seem to be playing a different kind of game than the others.
Last question, when can we expect to have Between the Stars and Sky in our hands? 

By the end of summer. Right when the Firelight Festival is beginning. 
Thanks for stopping by David!

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