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Dracian Legacy Blog Tour

 Wooohoo today is our stop on the Dracian Legacy Blog tour and we couldn't be more excited!! So what do we have in store for you.... hmm how bout an interview with TYLER?  Well you're in luck because that's exactly who we have!!! We also have an excerpt between the sexy Axel and Ren plus our reviews after the interview so be sure to read those if you like! Oh yea and there might be a giveaway at the end too so make sure you go all the way through!

Ren and Axel are caught between two powerful magical races: one destined to end the bloodshed, the other out for vengeance.

Seventeen-year-old Ren Pernell is prophesied to end the war between the Dracians and the Telalians. So when a Dracian, Axel Knight, is sent to find and bring back the prophesied one before she turns eighteen and Telalians discover of her existence, unexpected sparks start to fly between the two. Once Ren finds the truth behind Axel’s arrival, she wants everything to do with him and nothing to do with his mission.

Things prove to be difficult as Ren’s life is constantly threatened by forces that are beyond her control, including the leader of the Telalians.

With the clock ticking and Ren’s life in jeopardy, it is no longer just a mission for Axel. It becomes a personal endeavor to save the only one he’s ever loved. In a heart racing ending, they must find a way to evade the preordained war that won’t also end Ren’s life.

Hey Tyler, thanks for taking time out of your day to come chat with us Crazy Book Chicks instead of teasing Ren. My name is Dani and this is my co-blogger Christina. *waves and smiles*
Tyler: *stands up* *takes hand* *kisses Dani’s then Christina’s* Ladies…

So umm we officially get introduced to you when Axel is already talking to Ren, what was up with elbow to your gut?
*shrugs* The usual. Axel and I had been best buddies since birth. We play rough and then get some drinks afterward to talk about it.

Basically being the typical guys right? *laughs*

You and Axel are related right? How so?
 *grins* My mom’s older brother’s wife’s son.  Confused yet?
*looks at Christina* umm kinda? So that would make you what… step cousins?
He’s uncle’s son. SO second cousin?

Can you tell us something we won’t find out about Axel?
mhmm… That he would kick my ass if I tell you stuff about him you shouldn’t  know. Like when he cried like two year old girl when Ren thought he kissed Rachel. Shh, don’t tell him okay?
*winks* your secret is safe with us! *nods head* yup lips are sealed.

Why were you at school before Axel?
This was my first trip out of Dracia. So I was intrigued by how different our worlds were. Let me tell you…We aren’t that different. Give a little booze and everything comes alive.
*laughs* it’s funny how booze makes everything the same.
Yup. Booze, makes things more… interesting.

So we love how you tease Ren…. Do you do it to see her reaction, Axel’s reaction, or is there some hidden crush under it all? You know what they say about teasing or hitting on a girl right? *winks & giggles*
Crush on Ren? Hell no! Did you see the way Axel squirms every time he thinks Ren is uncomfortable? *snickers*
Hmm I don’t know Dani, I think Tyler might like Ren a little more than he’s letting on.

Is it that you like Ren or that you like to irritate Axel?
I do like Ren, but I’m entertained by the idea of getting some kind of reaction from Axel. 

Your sarcastic wit is one of the things we love about you….how’s Ren’s back hand to the chest feel?
It had a punch to it. I was little taken back, by her ferocity. It was actually a turn… never mind. Axel isn’t around. *winks*
*leans over to Dani* See told you!

What is it about Ren that makes you tease her so?
*raises brow* It’s easy to rattle her up, plus, she’s a good sport.
*gives Tyler a skeptical look* Uh huh
Whatever… *rolls eyes amused*

What’s with the Princess nickname? Yes I am curious as well, is it in reference to Axel Being a prince?
 wait…? What…? Axel is a Prince? When did that happen?

Oh and the egg bet, that was just plain mean Tyler…then again you made Axel do patrols for a week just for a number *laughs* you’re a naughty boy Mr. Tyler…. So tell us something we don’t know…something sweet like… do you have a girl waiting for you back in Dracia?
*laughs throwing head back* Dani, Dani, Dani… I can’t keep this awesomeness contained to one girl. And sweet. I like long walks on the beach, sappy chick flicks, flowers, and candy.  Really anything that gets girls all mushy. *mouth twitches* Because… that’s where the real fun begins.

Did Ren ever get you back for the egg incident and if she did what was it?
Not yet. But I have a sneaking suspicion, it’s going to happen out of the blue. Dean told me that one time she switched his homework with a love letter that he submitted to his fifth grade geography teacher almost a year after he pranked her. 

Not gonna lie you pulling out the daggers was pretty hot *fans face* so tell us what’s it like fighting the Goarders? Total adrenaline rush?
 *pulls out dagger from back and throws it hilt to tip and back* It’s not my favorite thing to do. But it gives me a chance to show of my special powers. *winks*
What was with the gummy bear?

What gummy bear? Oh, the one for Ren? *face turns stoic* I could tell you, but I’m gonna have to kill you.  I’ll take my chances *smirks*

What’s Dracia like?
It’s just here, only very earthly, beautiful, surreal. The life there is very connected. Like the animals co-exists with the humans. 

Are we going to get to see more of your sexy face *winks* in book two?
Hell yeah! You hear that Priya? H.E.L.L yeah, whether you like it or not. *leans toward Dani and Christina* She’s gonna read this interview right?

She’s definitely going to read this review *winks* and I can’t wait to see more off you.

So lets get a little more personal with some girly questions …. *smiles*
What’s your favorite…
Color: Black
Food: Tangerines
Drink: Water
Band: Wagon…
Song: Van Morrison’s Brown eyed girl *sad* I don’t have brown eyes
Weapon: Tibt

This or That: 
Boxer or Briefs: You’re gonna have to find out… *grins* Is that an invitation Tyler? *Smirks*
Day or Night: Night
Patrolling or babysitting Ren: Patrolling.
Dean or Axel: Axel
Ren or Pey: Pey
Proxys or Goarders: Proxys
Pajamas or Naked: haha…Do I even have to answer that question?
Naughty *winks* or Nice: *winks back* I’m going to take that as naughty… *grins*

Thank Tyler for meeting with us and letting us oogle your sexiness *giggles* but we know you got some important business to attend to but don’t be a stranger.
Tyler: Thank you for oogling. And don’t you be a stranger *hands a piece of paper to Dani AND Christina*

Dracian Legacy Exceprt:

      “Do hallucinations run in your family?” he mocked.

      “Go to hell! Have a nice life,” I said, sounding way more confident than I felt.

      I jumped up without his help, ignoring the pain shooting down my body.

      “Nice life in hell?” he asked, amused.

      I turned and walked away.

      “Wait.” He paced behind me.

      “What? Calling me crazy wasn’t enough?” I stopped abruptly and turned to scowl at him.

      We were close. Too close. My face was inches from his. My mouth parted and my eyes darted to his yummilicious full lips.

      His eyes softened. “I wouldn’t ask you out for coffee if I thought you were crazy.”

      “You didn’t.”

      He grinned. “Will you go out for a cup of coffee?”

      I laughed. “You’re full of shit.”

A few months ago we got an email from Priya Kanaparti asking if we would be interested in reviewing her debut novel Dracian Legacy. At first we were skeptical not sure if this was our type of book but we both decided to take a chance. I’m really glad we did. Not only is Dracian Legacy an amazing book but Priya Kanaparti is one of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure of talking to. Its authors like her that makes reading books so enjoyable and worth the craziness that comes with being bloggers.  

I love coming across new authors because they shock and amaze me. I would never know this is Priya’s first book. That’s how well it’s written, the words just flow like poetry and hold you captivated. I was hooked from page one with Temperance, Ren, and her brother Joshua. It reminds me of the relationship I have with my older brother. Then Ren’s friendship with Pey is EPIC but Dean and Landon provide  some entertainment too. Basically Priya’s secondary characters are so well written they don’t feel like supporting roles. They feel like they are just as important as the main characters. On top of that the obvious love/hate relationship that Ren and Dean have is so intense you can’t help but wonder what’s really going on between them.  As I dove further into the novel it had me completely lost by 4% on this passage alone…

“I never believed any of those sappy romantic movie when the hero’s first touch ignites a lightning revelation in the heroine. Well, that hadn’t changed.
Ah, hell, who was I kidding?

This right here had me completely hook line and sinker. I knew right then that this was going to be one of the best books I’ve read. And it is. There’s so many reasons I can give you for why I love it but I don’t want to impose my opinions on you because ultimately it’s going to be your choice. But I can tell you what had me falling in love with this book.
Axel. Oh for the love that’s holy, Axel.  Ren sees Axel for the first time in the diner but meets him at the cemetery where he basically saves her life. But of the things I love about Axel, other than his baby blues, is his sarcastic wit. 

                You know, it’s customary to say your name when someone introduces himself.” 

Can you blame her though Axel? Hell if I was Ren I would have been rendered speechless as well. Damn that boy is fine. This started a whole new level of attraction for Ren. I know what you’re thinking what about Dean? Well for the first time I have been completely torn in two about who I want the girl to be with. On one side there’s Dean. The boy Ren used to be best friends with, who had her first kiss with, who started to completely ignore her until recently but also has this unexplainable bond with….or can it be explained? Then there’s Axel. This gorgeous guy with baby blue eyes who saved her and made her have unexplainably intense feeling for right off the back….How does she choose? 

“I want us. I want to be your every breath, your every dream, be your everything

Hanging out with Axel she learns some important information about the things that came after her that night at the cemetery, things about who and what Axel is and this is when things really start getting interesting.

Is Ren a normal human like she’s been raised to believe or is she much more than that? Being brought into Axel’s world has opened her eyes and maybe something more. So what happens? Who is Ren really? What’s the secret everyone has been hiding from her including Joshua and Dean? Is the bond she has with Dean real and where does that leave her an Axel? 

“Love was meant to be experienced in the darkest of misery and through the lightest of happiness. Both hope and despair. It wasn’t easy. But nothing worthy comes easy. If it were, it wouldn’t be eternal…immortal…indestructible…”

Trust me when I say this you are going to want to read this book and make sure you clear enough time out because you aren’t going to want to stop. The end had me saying OMG what the hell, *cries* , and then I need the next book like yesterday. Congratulations Priya Kanaparti for an awesome debut novel! You have definitely made a fan out of me and I cannot wait to see what else you come up with.


I am always excited and a tad reserved to read a new book. I started after Dani had finished and I watched her rave and swoon, so my excitement picked up.
I was instantly pulled into the Dracian Legacy. Pryia Kanaparti created characters that I am now hooked on. I want the second book like yesterday.
Ren, Pey, Landon and Dean all cracked me up with their friendship. They felt like my friends. I will say I was sad at the beginning to hear about Ren loosing her parents. I loved that her brother Joshua stayed to take care of her. The tension between Dean and Ren , I felt it.
Bring in the New guy Axel. *swoon* Instant connection between he and Ren. I loved his name for her translating to Eternal Love. You need to read it to feel the swoon. Axel told Ren about himself and that he's from Dracia. I don't want to give it away but the story is just amazing.... I truly wanted more.
There's something happening and Ren needs protection, she thinks it's because she's with Axel. She finds out later it's not.
Ren and Dean grew up best friends. And it seems Dean has feelings for Ren but had a weird way of showing it all these years. The attraction between them seemed one sided or is it? Also she's with Axel. What happens when someone comes after Ren??? And when her friends and family tell her what her legacy is what does it all mean for Ren and everyone?
Seriously this book is up there with most of my favorites. I am so glad I was able to read it! I can't wait for book 2. 


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What Kind of tour would this be without a GIVEAWAY?!! So this is what you can win
1.       Guaranteed winners:
a.       3 winners will receive 1 e-book format of Dracian Legacy each
                                                                                       i.      If a winner had already purchased the book, with a proof of purchase, I’ll buy them another book or give a GC of equal or lesser value of their choosing.
b.      1 winner will receive a $15 GC to Amazon or Barnes and Noble

2.      In addition I’ll continue to add ONE $5 increment GC for every 150 copies of the book (ebook or hardcopy) sold. So for the first 150 copies sold, I’ll add $20 GC, the second 150 copies sold, I’ll add $25 GC, etc… There’s no limit to how many gift cards I add to the giveaway.  

Sounds awesome right? Make sure you spread the word to EVERYONE and get them to buy Dracian Legacy, more books sold more chances of winning!!

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