Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Come as You are - Review

When his younger brother August runs away from home after a disastrous argument with their parents, Connor is the only person not worried. After all, August is known to take off without notice all the time, and he always comes back.

However, August doesn’t show up again until two months later, having drunkenly fallen from the Young Street Bridge in Aberdeen, Washington.

Connor and their mother travel from California to pick up the teenager, unaware that the next twelve hours will cause them to reexamine their own lives and strained relationships, all while Connor and August’s time together leads to a reconnection between brothers and a revelation that Connor never saw coming.

When I first found out that Chris Waltz had another book out other than Ivy League, I went to amazon and got it right away.  I sat down and decided I would preview it really quick and then get back to it after I had done a few other things.  Well that few minutes turned into an hour and I was finished.  I could not stop reading because I was pulled into what Connor had to say. 
When the book starts Conner gets a phone call from his mother, that his brother August had been found.  He had apparently ran away from home two months before.  Apparently August had a fight with their parents and ran off.  Conner and August's parents had expected them to go into the family buisness of Mortuary Work.  That was not happening with either boy.  Connor had moved out on his own and was doing his own thing.  In the phone call his mother asked him to go with her to get August from a hospital in Washington state.  (The family lives in California)  Conner heads over to his parents figuring that they would leave right away, but his father wants to talk to him about how he made mistakes and wants Conner to bring him home.  The drive with his mother is tense, quiet and akward.  When they get to the hopsital Conner see's August and starts talking to him.  They go for a walk and then meet back up with their mom.  Weird thing, mom does not acknowlege August, not even at the hotel.  This strikes Conner as weird.  The boys go to dinner and the waitress keeps looking at Conner weird and not saying anything to August.  Hmmmmm I kept thinking here that something was off.  When Conner and his brother find themselves at the bridge that August fell off and hurt himself on, this is when stuff happens.  August is very mysterious but wants to leave his mark on the bridge with "Come as you Are".  It was his favorite Song by Nirvana, and the Bridge where the band left their mark.  When the cops come to arrest them, August is gone.  Conner explains that he was there with his brother, the cops feel sorry for him.  Wait was August REALY there? 
Conner heads back to the bridge to find August's friend Ezra.  He is sad and things that he could have helped August.  He jumps and Conner gets to save him.
This story had me crying at the end.  It was short but still a book with a huge impact.  It left me wanting more to the story and the characters.  I want to know more about Conner and his life after. I suggest you pick it up for a quick read. 
You can grab it here on amazon:  Come as You Are

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