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Capstone Review

It's supposed to stink. That's what Cusps do.

The Ianua, Nalena and Garrett's own community, have welcomed them back by charging them as traitors and chucking them into the Hotel Celare's slammer. 
And outside the fortress walls, it's no better. 

The Cusp is at full-boil as the world finally surrenders to The Fury's lifestyle. Looting, riots, murders—every kind of crime has become the norm—and The Fury want to make it all permanent. They might even succeed, now that they've nabbed all thirteen of the Ianua's Cornerstones.

To preserve mankind, the only chance the Ianua have left is to beat The Fury to the Earth's Core and somehow trigger the Reset.

Like that's easy. 

There's no manual on how to activate a Reset. Nobody even knows if there’s an actual Core to the Earth. 

Shoot, it could be one big myth; an epic waste of effort. 
But the Addo thinks there is one last hope. 

So long as someone is willing to sacrifice everything to be mankind's long shot.

As soon as I received Capstone I was… sad. I didn’t want to read it, because I knew the moment I started it, I wouldn’t be able to put it down. That’s totally what happened and when I finished I was extremely sad. That’s the bad thing about a series for me, I get so attached to these characters, it’s like Garrett and Nalena are really my friends and saying goodbye just completely and totally sucks. I hate it, but Misty ended it beautifully.

Capstone picked up where Jamb left off and let me tell you it is beyond crazy! Garrett and Nalena aren’t sure who they can trust and the normal way of the Inuana isn’t the normal way anymore. Rules are being broken, trust is being tested, and secrets are being held. So what does that mean for Garrett, Nalena, and the rest of their family? I have to say that no matter what goes on, the supporting characters are phenomenal. I still adore Zane, he just cracks me up and I’m so glad he was present in this book. I was worried something was going to happen to him and the gang with the massive action that was going down at the end of Jamb.

Massive amounts of ups and downs in this book. I was so excited that everyone was alive, worried about who could be trusted, then thrilled and then terrified. I was ready to blow up Misty through Facebook, Twitter, and Email. You’ll know why when you get to that part in the book and you’re going to want to do the same, just know everything will work out. One of the biggest reasons why I love this series is because of the message between the lines, well at least the message I received. Nothing is always as it seems, sometimes we have to have FAITH that everything will work out and trust in those worthy of our trust to have our backs.

I cried a little in the last few chapters and practically bawled when I finished the book. I’m so not ready for Garrett and Nalena’s story to be over.  I need more of them, of all of them. Thank you Misty for writing an amazing series, one that I will definitely revisit often. 
<3 Dani

This was a bitter sweet read for me. I have been a fan of Misty Provencher's Cornerstone series from the beginning. Having the series come to an end was like, awww no more books. No more Garrett and Nalena. And just when you think, ya I know how it will end, like most books do. Nope Misty has a surprise that will make you smile or make you say "I'm okay with that" like I did.

If you haven't read the other books in this series, stop right here. Go read them now!!

Capstone picks up right where Jamb left off. Everyone is back but who is good and who is bad?? Nali knows she can't trust anyone but Garrett. They are all put in cells. She has no idea where the Addo is, if Milo is ok, if Garrett is ok and why can't she figure this out? Well the Veritas play a big park in this book. Nok tunnels in to see Nali in her cell.  She goes through and gets to Garrett. They soon learn who they can trust through winks. Everyone from their area is playing a part! When they are forced into a binding , which they want, there are some awesome hot scenes from Garrett. He's amazingly sweet with Nali. What will they Learn about each other when they are linked? And before this happens Addo gives Nali a mission. Will she have to give up Garrett for it? Nali grows so much in this book. I will say that every time I thought I knew what was happening I was proven wrong. It's a journey.... Both in reading and for the characters. Nali and Garrett learn to trust each other in new ways that I love!

I'm sad to see this come to an end but hope to see maybe more? Otherwise it was a great wrap up by Misty Provencher.

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