Saturday, November 17, 2012

Interview with David James

We got a special treat for you guys, we had the chance to meet up and ask David James about his debut book, Light of the Moon. If you haven't read it yet, you guys have to go grab it and pick it up. It's an awesome read and will have you staring at the night sky picturing all the possibilities that David was able to create. I (Dani) seem to always take over, I don't mean to really, so when CBC decided we wanted to interview David I handed the reins over to Christina and she rocked the interview, seriously. So good job C! I may have interrupted for one question lol but I stayed quiet for the most part and let her do her thing! So without further ado here is the awesome interview Christina was so worried about!

Oh wow I am so excited to be interviewing David James that I find myself flustered! *Laughs*
Dani is going to sit here and listen while I give the interview. I haven’t been in control of one yet so she might jump in if she has something to add.

First I want to thank you David for taking time to sit with me and answer some questions about your AWESOME book Light of the Moon.  I bet the last few weeks have been so busy for you!
 Thanks to you both, Christina and Dani!

What inspired you to start writing?
The things unspoken, I think. The things that happen between the bigger moments. I’ve always thought it interesting that there are so many things we, as humans, just don’t say. We keep a lot hidden, and I wanted to write about those things.

I see that you really like the Harry Potter Series, and I see you talking about that a lot on twitter.  Did that help shape the world you made for Light of the Moon?
Yes and no. I do love the Harry Potter series and I really admire the detail put into the world building in the story, but the LIGHT OF THE MOON world is very different from that one. One thing I do love about the Harry Potter books is how they have the ability to transport you with their detail. I love that.

I am also curious how you decided on the Title of your book?  I know for some authors that is the hardest part.
LIGHT OF THE MOON was once titled something very different. That other title was very dark and different and LONG and didn’t really fit the story, but I loved it and kept it for a really long time. Actually, I referenced it several times in the book and even use it as a chapter title. LIGHT OF THE MOON, however, is a much better fit. I decided on it after I had written the book. I went through the manuscript and picked out phrases I liked, words I used most often, and there you go. It just happened.

Do you have anything with you while you are writing?  I know you love gummies, I have a feeling I should have brought some with me to this interview!
If you had brought gummies I might not have left! I think the one most important thing I always have with me while writing is background noise. I know that’s not a “thing” but I really need some kind of white noise to help me concentrate. Usually I have music playing or a movie going in the background. And coffee. How could I ever forget the coffee.

I must tell you, I loved Calum, and I loved reading his story and I can’t wait to find out what happens next for him.  But I find myself wondering how much does he love Kate?
Woo! I’m so glad you love Calum.  As far as how much he loves Kate, I guess I should say that all my characters have layers. Just like real people, they are not so simply black and white with feelings. Calum and Kate, however, have this destiny that is much bigger than they are. I don’t want to give too much away, but their love is written, quite literally, in the stars. That part does not change. But it also doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy, especially in Book 2.

Are Calum and Kate Characters that you hope your readers can connect with?  I always seem to connect to the characters when I am reading.
Yes! Such a great question. I hope so. I wanted Calum and Kate to feel real. I wanted them to change throughout the story and grow into characters that were different yet the same as they were at the beginning, and by doing so grow with the reader.

The world that you created for this book was SO beautiful and descriptive, how long did you have this in your head before you started putting it to words?
Thanks! I’m really glad you liked the world. It was one that grew as the story did. The first passage I wrote from LIGHT OF THE MOON was a dream sequence, and at that point I had no idea how the world would develop. The magical world of the Order was something that just happened.

*Dani Raises her hand for a sec*
I’ve always been fascinated with the stars and constellations and agree with Christina that the world you were able to create was beautiful. Did you find yourself researching the stars and getting lost in their magnificence?
Yes! Oh my goodness, you two, I researched like a mad man. I did, however, find that a lot of the research I found in terms of astrology was subjective, meaning that the stars don’t change but there are so many different theories and myths and legends out there that it was difficult to find only one that fit my story. So, I picked and pulled. I love that you two love the stars as much as me!

I have read that many people LOVE this book.   What does it feel like to have all this feedback on your book?
Thanks! I wrote the book for me, because I had to and because I loved the characters from the start, but the readers are what make it all worth while. If not for you guys, I’d just be an dude writing words. I think my favorite part of this entire process has been getting to know amazing authors, bloggers, reviewers, and writers who are so incredibly thoughtful. A thoughtful review is just as beautiful to read as a thoughtful book, and I’m so thankful that I’ve had a chance to meet so many amazing people online.

Are there any Authors that have influenced you to pursue your writing career? 
Yes. There have been a lot of authors who have influenced me, but I think the one that I most admire is Maggie Stiefvater. Her words are beautiful. Her stories are magical. Plus, I truly admire her attitude towards publishing, author and writers, and the entire literary community.

If you could be any book character, who would you be and why?
Ok. This is possibly the most difficult question of all time. Maybe, Hermione from Harry Potter? I know she’s a girl but she is awesome! Maybe, Sam from the Shiver trilogy. Yes, Sam!

Can you give us any hints about the next book and when it will be out? 
I’m working madly on the sequel to LIGHT OF THE MOON, SHADOW OF THE SUN, which will be out Fall 2013. But before that I have two novellas that will be out, both of which are set in the LIGHT OF THE MOON world. Also, SECRET PROJECT, which will be out at a secret time on a secret day.

After this series is finished do have plans for another one?
I have a few other books started but not anything near completed. Also, SECRET PROJECT.

David, thank you so much for sitting down with me (well us) and sharing part of you with the readers, it has been an honor interviewing you!   Really I only wanted it shared with myself. (kidding)  I might have to send you some gummies as a Thank you! Or Maybe Chocolate Fudge at Christmas time. 
Thanks so much, Christina! I really enjoyed this interview and I look forward to more!
We don't know about you guys but we are both extremely excited to find out what this big "secret project" is! If you haven't begun to follow David on FB, Twitter, Goodreads, you are totally missing out he's having awesome giveaways. So go check him out now!


  1. GREAT interview guys! I am SO excited to read this book...and not just because Calum is Merrickliciousy HOT! It simply looks to be a fascinating and gorgeous read! HOLLA from Merrickland!

    1. You are absolutely going to love this book! Calum is damn Sexy! Christina totally rocked this interview! -Dani