Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miss Me Not

They had a pact.
Leave the world behind much as they had lived it.
No one would miss them. No harm, no foul.
Their personal demons would be left behind once and for all.
It was the only thing they could count on.
It was all she had.

Madison Hanson has spent the last four years being a "shadow." Her parents ignore her. The students at her school stopped talking to her years ago, and the majority of her teachers forget she's even there. In her desperate yearning to leave her invisible life behind, Madison makes a pact with her only friend, James Garrison, to end their lives as inconspicuously as they live them. No fuss, no muss. No one would miss her and she would miss no one. Their plan is set, and it's all she can count on. That is, until fellow student, Mitch Peterson, beats them to the punch. Everything Madison believed in is shaken to the core when she watches the aftermath of Mitch's death unfold. By taking his own life, Mitch unwittingly saves hers. What a selfish prick.

She is now left with the daunting task of living. Trying to bury her demons once and for all, and finally trusting someone with her fragile existence.

Living is hell.
Death would have been so much easier. 

So one of the things that I absolutely LOVE about Tiffany King is her ability to write a book about a controversial issue and make you feel characters are feeling. Suicide is something I take very seriously and I hate when people bash it or the people we have lost. So I applaud Tiffany for taking on such a strong topic and doing so in an amazing job. Most of you are wondering why I can applaud her and say that what she has written is the truth. This is why; up until I was 18 I struggled with life and seriously thought about suicide. In some cases Madison and I are alike so I can relate to her.  Where she made a pact with her best friend James, I actually tried to go through with it. Her tattoo’s on her wrist are there to remind herself, I have a tattoo on my left wrist for the same reason. Only mine is the Chinese symbol for faith, it covers up my scar of the one time I tried to cut my wrist. So that’s my story and that why I love Miss Me Not and Tiffany King for writing this book. The more people bring this epidemic to attention, maybe the more lives could be saved.  I wasn’t able to find a statistic for 2011 but there were 38,364 suicide deaths reported in the U.S. in 2010. Many of you might have known one of these people, some of you have might not, and some of you might know one or more who could become part of the statistic for this year. The point is to open your eyes and see what’s around you. YOU could be the person to change the life of someone even if you don’t realize it. Okay I know you are probably tired of reading about this.. so on to the book!

Madison had a really hard life. She had two parents who were there but who never actually there. So she took it upon herself to try and get the attention of them. Granted some was a little extreme and one that ultimately ended pretty badly. That one thing ultimately left Madison feeling alone and had her fading into the background. Being in Jr.High/High school and the rumors spreading about her didn’t help her see the point in life. When she met James, who became her best friend, the pact was formed. Their friendship wasn’t the typical friendship; they provided comfort for each other, an out. That was until a fellow “shadow” stole their thunder. Then Madison had to meet with a tutor for one of the classes she was in, what she didn’t see coming was that it was going to be Dean. Madison considered him to be possibly the king of the populars, but she didn’t count on developing feelings for him.

I absolutely love Dean. He is quite possibly the best guy ever, so sweet, and never gives up. He starts off by tutoring Madison and gets her to agree to more tutoring even though it was supposed to be the one time. He slowly starts to chip away at the wall she’s built around herself. Getting her to open up to his touches and hanging out. He ignores the rumors about Madison and agrees to keep their friendship a secret. He takes her to meet his parents, to her first time at a theme park, and gains her trust. Dean is slowly getting under Madison’s skin. He’s getting her to trust him. It’s not easy and Madison pushes every chance she gets telling him she doesn’t need to be saved… but whether or not she needs to be saved, maybe, just maybe Dean has his own motives?

What happened to Madison that has her making a pact with James to be suicide buddies? What’s the reason for Dean wanting Madison to trust him so badly? Will Madison and Dean’s attraction for each other make the friendship line blur into something more?  The ultimate question…what happens to Madison, was she saved or does she become another statistic?

 You have to pick up this book and buy it. It is beautiful and Tiffany King, there’s no words to express how much I love and appreciate the time and effort it took to write a book like this. You are a hero and definitely brought hope to anyone who reads this and has is considering suicide. I want you to know, speaking from personal experience, that I wish I had a book like this to read when I was in that position in my life, sometimes all we need is a little hope. This book is that hope.

I think I have read all of Tiffany Kings books and they are all amazing! She takes topics that are hard in life and tackles them in an amazing book.

Teen suicide is a huge topic in today's society.  So is bullying. It breaks my heart to  know that so many teens and kids have to suffer for not being accepted.  I don't think I have ever thought about killing myself, but it did cross my mind what would happen if I didn't exsist.  There are some days when that still crosses my mind. People need to be wise with their words.  Words in ANY form (text, email, written, spoken) when said in malice or hate..... HURT.  You don't know WHAT that does to a person.  You don't know what they are going through in life, be careful with your words.

When I was younger my uncle ended his life. HE could not handle life anymore. I wish there was someone there who could have stopped him.

In Miss Me Not we find Madison, who has had a pretty rough life. Her parents neglect her and she searches out any way possible to see attention.  Changes her appearance, and even flirts with an older man. What happened as a result broke her family, created a MEAN mother ( pissed me off that mother) and left Madison at the ridicule of all the kids at school.  She tried to fade into the background.  Madison and her friend James (who was also suffering inside), had made a pact to end their lives together.  One day at school the found out a boy from their school had ended his life.  It seemed to have changed Madison at the students reaction to that.  I will say Now.... my heart broke for her life but my heart cried for James. I still am crying as I write this and he is a fictional character, however there are boys like him everywhere.

Madison gets a tutor Named Dean. He's popular and she does not know WHY he gives a care about her.  You will see HOW long he has cared about her. (smiles) Dean decides that he WILL be her friend and does not give into her pushing him away. He cares about her feelings. Dean inserts himself into Madison's life, saving her in the process.  You have to read how. There is sadness in this book.... I don't want to give it away.... but it shows what a STRONG character Dean is and what a wonderful family he has, as they help Madison. 

I recommend you going to get this book and reading it right away.  Share it with someone who you think might benefit from the story.

Be kind, watch your words, help save a life. 

If you know anyone who you might suspect or just someone who could use someone to talk to, be that person for them, it's amazing what you can do by just listening and being there for them. We all matter.  

Contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit them online at anytime 24/7

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  1. My favorite book by Tiffany King is Wishing For Someday Soon, it is the only book I have read of hers so far, but the rest will be read soon!

  2. I don't have a favorite yet, but I love Tiffany's personality. She's funny, kind and generous- and so well loved by her fans and peers. I can't imagine she's not amazing in her craft as well. Miss Me Not looks and sounds amazing. I absolutely love it's cover. And while I'm not big on realistic fiction, I've read some great ones this year, and look forward to adding this to my list.