Friday, November 30, 2012

Light of the Moon Giveaway

So you know we absolutely adore David James right, well if you didn't now you do! So in honor to celebrate how amazing he is we decided we are going to do another giveaway!!


SO it's two little bitty entries all you have to do is follow David on Twitter and on Facebook! This is a double bonus when you follow on Facebook....wanna know why??

Well its simple...Follow David on Facebook you enter our contest, but also his contest...Once he reaches 500 likes he's going to do a huge GIVEAWAY

The bond girls, you might have followed our random tweets on twitter...but the following are also apart of the giveaway. Emma, Rachel, Helen, Christina, and myself,Dani, came up with an awesome playlist that reminds us of the characters in the LOFTM.

Be sure to check out their reviews as well as ours 
 and then of course ours is CBC's Review of LOTM GOOD LUCK everyone!

And if your too awesome and don't want to wait to see if you won you can buy LOTM on Amazon HERE  and Nook  HERE

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  1. Ah! I love all these songs! You guys are awesome!

  2. Here we go.... *crosses fingers*

  3. I'm not a gummy person (I like sweet not sour things) and Orion.