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DreamKiller Review + Giveaway

They call her the DreamKiller.

Silent, stealthy, and above all, accurate, as long as she carries out exactly what her dreams predict. Marlena Gormand kills to protect. Herself. Her way of life. The children at Little Hearts Orphanage. Until she learns these are not the reasons she’s been asked to kill. Not at all.

Azura Mkesky is the headmistress of Little Hearts Orphanage and the only parent-figure Marlena remembers. Azura taught Marlena everything she knows, from her combat skills to her unswerving loyalty to their cause. And Azura has always been there for her. But Azura has a secret. One that she’s used and manipulated Marlena and everyone else in order to protect.

Lukas Hristov knows Azura’s heart is dark—from both personal experience and the visions provided by his Sight. For too long, he’s stood aside while Azura’s reach of power and deception expands. When he can take it no longer and emerges from the shadows, he comes face to face with Marlena. For him, she is where it began. And she is where it ends. He is determined to make this right, to make her believe the truth.

And as the story unravels, Marlena begins to question whose secrets her dreams really protect.

So before we get to the reviews we have a special treat for you guys, the lovely Heather Hildenbrand is stopped by to tell us what her favorite Superpower is and why. So exciting right? So we decided to do the same and would love it if you participated with us too, so leave a blog comment with your favorite superpower. 

Choosing just ONE superpower is like eating only ONE bite of cheesecake. Not. Possible.
I am tempted to go with something all-encompassing like the power of absorption. If you’ve ever seen the show Heroes, this was Sylar’s power. He could absorb the powers of others and therefore could do all kinds of different things. But that answer sort of feels like cheating since we were supposed to pick just ONE. And also because Sylar was evil and basically a serial killer since, in order to get said powers, he had to cut off the person’s head and pick it out of their brain. *shudders* So not worth it.

Instead, I’ll pick one that doesn’t involve killing anyone to get.
And if I have to pick just one, it is without question or hesitation FLYING.
Do you know that moment when you’re a kid and you’re on the swings at the park pumping your little legs as hard as you can and staring up at the sky so the ground disappears and it feels like any second, you’re going to finally swing hard enough that you’ll somehow detach from the swing set and shoot off into the atmosphere? That moment when you arc upward and your backside raises off the swing and for a moment you are weightless and all you see is sky and for that moment you know what it feels like to soar?
Best. Feeling. Ever.

Something about me you can know: I STILL do this when I take my kids to the park. I swing. Higher and higher. And I look up at the sky until the ground disappears and I can pretend that I am only inches away from shooting out of my seat and into the wide open.
Flying = best superpower ever.

I would have to agree with Heather and say flying would be super cool. I do the same thing when I take my boys to the park! Swinging is fun and flying would be too, but that's not the power I would want!

So let's see my favorite super power would be the ability to manipulate the elements. You're probably thinking wow that's super lame right? Well let me tell you why it would be awesome...have you seen Avatar: The Last Air Bender? No, well I would be able to control all of it, OMG I would be the next Avatar hahaha.

 No but seriously I could do a lot of good with it. I mean if there's a fire I could manipulate any water source to put out the fire. Let's say we go climbing Mt. Everest and need to get warm....Lighter and some manipulation anyone? Then there's wind. How cool would it be to fly or levitate? I mean wind can do some awesome things if you think about it! I can't forget Earth. Earth is amazing for many different reasons, one of the most important being growing food. Veggies aren't always that great but if that's all you had to live on I can definitely be ok with that, wouldn't you agree?

 There may be way cooler superpowers, but I stick to my ability to manipulate the elements!

If I had a superpower I would want to be lightening fast. I think the ability to go run errands, travel, or clean my house super fast would be awesome!

Also in the case of an emergency getting someplace fast would help. I think I would apply the ability to read super fast to that ability as well.  Think of how many books I could read!

I was immediately captivated with Heather’s DreamKiller. It had me hooked from the first page. Why you ask? Well let’s just say I think it’s pretty bad ass to have powers! I mean you wouldn’t want supernatural powers right? Then be a kick ass killing machine, ok maybe not the machine part. The thing is this isn’t your typical girl meets boy and they fall in love…it has way more depth to it and the powers are what brings it all together.

So Marlena  a.k.a DreamKiller is a girl who lost her parents early and came to live in the orphanage with Azura. She didn’t know something was going on right under her nose. She was trained to kill, develop her abilities, and to not feel. She was to become a machine. That is until she meets Luke.

Luke was once Marlena. Under the control of Azura, he thought he found a place to fit in. Then he started to see what Azura was really up to the day he helped bring Marlena in and become an orphan. He confronted Azura and then left.

Now what is Azura up to? Why is she running an orphanage of “specials” ? What’s the end plan? Does Marlena find out the truth? Who does she trust, Luke who knows of her and what she’s had to do or does she trust Azura, the women who took her in and is like a mother? There are so many questions that needs answers…Luke is there to fill in some of the blanks. Other blanks get filled in when they come into a situation with Korian, another special, who backs up Luke’s words.

Does Marlena stand up to Azura and take back the orphanage? Will Marlena learn that feelings don’t make you weak in enough time? The big question…What happens between Marlena and Luke?

The only thing I disliked, is I wanted more when it was over. So Heather if you’re reading this…Can I have more Marlena and Luke please! lol


Heather Hildenbrand has blown me over again!! I love her Dirty Blood series and Dreamkiller was a whole lotta awesome! 

"Specials" with powers, and an evil Azura keeping them all. Marlena has been used by Azura for evil purposes and Luke (sweet Luke) has come and told her the truth. With the help of some of the other orphanage leaders can they take down Azura? What about Luke and Marlena? I think they are adorable! 

I loved this book and can't wait for more. I want to see everyone develop!
Makes me want a super power! 

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