Wednesday, January 16, 2013


In school we get taught early on that Plagiarizing is illegal and that we shouldn’t copy other’s people work unless cited. I’ve always understood why copying someone else’s work is wrong but I never thought it would happen to me even in the smallest form. I’m not a known writer, just a blogger but yet another blogger took it upon herself to not only copy something of mine but a few other’s as well. NO WHERE is it ok to do that. Yes it was only a review of an awesome book on a blog but it was still my words, my thoughts. It may seem easy to write reviews but it takes time and a lot of thought. So as a blogger to other bloggers, if you don’t have the time to write a YOUR OWN review for a book you’ve committed to, be honest about it. Don’t steal other people’s words to constuct your own review.

Let’s keep it honest guys. Plagiarizing isn’t a joke and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. So before to you decide to steal someone else’s words, try writing something for yourself. It just might surprise you.


For more information on what plagiarisms entails visit this site   it’s one of many that informs YOU on what plagiarizing is and how to check for it.



  1. This is why I don't read ANY reviews before I post my own. Sometimes, even unintentionally, you read a sentence or words that stick with you and find yourself using them. For this reason, and because of spoilers, I stay clear of reviews.

    Could you address those pesky spoilers now too!

    1. lol sure Chele! ATTENTION REVIEWERS please be considerate in how you review...don't put SPOILERS unless you mention beforehand that there are spoilers! Thanks!!


  2. Hello Dani,

    Please check this public apology link:

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