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Teen Romance- Katie Aleo

After being hurt in a relationship herself, Rachel starts a website that allows girls from her town log on and 'review' guys they've dated. A gorgeous guy walks into the animal shelter where she works and she vows not to fall for him until she's looked him up on her website. Unfortunately for her, her website is offline today because she's gone with a cheap service provider, (hey the shelter doesn't pay very much ok).

*This novella is approximately 13,200 words*

So we've been a little MIA for the last few weeks with the holidays so we wanted to a few quickie books to have something to share with you guys! IF any of you have teen daughter's I would highly recommend this book. Since it's so short it took be about 20-30 mins to read tops but with interruptions from my kiddos and chatting with friends, it took me about an hour to get fully through it.

So Rachel started this website with her friend to warn girls of the "dirty" habits of the guys they date. She winds up meeting a guy, really liking him, checks the site to see he bails on dates in a hurry. Not giving him the opportunity to explain ends it before it even starts. After further digging into Bailey's life she finds out the reason for his speedy exists. Realizing she made a mistake she goes to find him to make things right. 

Now the reason I say you should have your teens read this is because it's a perfect example on why you shouldn't always believe what you read on the internet. Though the site was created with good intentions, people can change but if you don't give them the chance it kid of makes it pointless. Cyber-bullying is a prime example, thought this book was to warn girl of potential boyfriends of their indiscretions it's another form of bullying because you don't check to see if its true and would be really easy to lie about someone.

So that's my take on this really short read. Be careful what you say about people on the internet you could be ruining someones life without realizing it. The only thing I would change is it's length. I would love to see were Rachel and Baily went afterwards.

Trust me was a real short book that I thought ended way to soon. As soon as the story was picking up it ended. I was left going.... "Hey wait".
Rachel is a girl that works at a pet/shelter store. They help rescued animals. Rachel is working one morning when a cute guy comes in. She thought he was ditching at cat but in truth he wanted to get a check up. Later he comes to ask her out. His name is Bailey.
Now Rachel and her friend run a site about boys that tell if they are date worthy. Truly it's a bad site. Bailey is in fairly judged. What happens on their days and after Rachel looks him up for herself? Overall Bailey is a great guy.
I felt this book could have had more. But was a cute short read.

Anna starts the second summer after her boyfriend Adam's death with a new determination to rejoin her peers. She even takes a summer job waitressing at The Shack - a greasy diner in the small beach town where she lives. Her feelings get complicated however when Adam's older brother, Camp, comes home from college and starts working there too.

The story you love re-released with a beautiful new cover.

*This novella is approximately 27,000 words*

So death is something that we face all the time right, I mean it's part of life, but some don't realize how much of an impact it can have on the people surrounding the person that's not related to them. Anna was Adam's girlfriend, a serious girlfriend and it hit her hard when he passed away. It's been a year and she's just now coming out of the need to feel locked away. Granted her mother had a big role in shoving her out there, it worked out.

Camp is Adam's other brother who has also been MIA since his death. Back home for the summer and working at the same restaurant as Anna life is becoming bearable again.

They have an attraction toward each other and are both trying to fight it until one night Camp gets drunk at a party. Anna's friend Hannah is against them getting together. Becky and old best friend that dropped off when Anna was mourning told her she thought it was a good idea.

Finally they stop fighting it and give in.

I was glad when they finally did because even though she was Adam's girlfriend, who better to take his place but his brother? Katie Aleo writes about things that mean something. So what if they got together? So what he's Adam's brother and she was his girlfriend? The point is they are there for each other and aren't forgetting him, their just moving on. I only wish it was longer.

So 2 books by Katie Aleo, After Adam and Trust Me. Both are Teen Romance books that could and maybe should have been longer.

I found After Adam a while ago and loved it. The story was a bit sad but loved the outcome and it left me wanting more.
Anna has been trying to cope with the death of her boyfriend Adam. She has one friend left, Hannah. Hannah tries to get her to go out and do things. Having alienated most everyone with her depression Anna Tries to get back into normal social life. Her drunk of a mother makes her get a job, where she runs in to Camp, who is Adams brother, home from college. They seem to help each other feel better even under the scrutiny of others. What happens when they spend more time together? And Can they both live their lives after Adam?
I must say, I love Camp. He's Adorable ;)

You can buy these books on Amazon here Trust Me and After Adam

Both are really good short reads that will leave you wanting more.

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