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Hand to hand combat training: Check
Cardio and strength training: Check
Daemon hunting: Check
Anomaly: Check

Check, check, check, check...That's all my life is. There's nothing ordinary about me. I'm "special." I know this because I'm reminded of it every stinking day. I can kick a Daemon's ass with both hands tied behind my back. I can run up a mountain without breaking a sweat. Know what I can't do? Get guys to notice me, or hang out with friends like normal people do. I can't just be ordinary because I have an Arch Angel for a mentor who is always breathing down my neck, and a family of angelic Guides and Protectors who scrutinize every little thing I do. Just for a day I want a life where I'm no longer some anomaly, where I don't have to feel like a lab rat.

And then I met Emrys. Okay, so my mentor and family hate him, but probably for good reason. After-all, he is a Soul Trader, and they aren't the most trust worthy beings. But, he is sooo hot with his green eyes, leather jacket and the sexiest tattoo you've every seen running down his back. And-he doesn't treat me like a project.

I've got myself in quite a little quandary here. Choosing between my responsibilities and the Trader that holds my heart is something I didn't sign up for. Torn between two different worlds, I must now decide who to trust and who to walk away from. What's a girl to do? See what I mean? I am an anomaly. I am Jordyn.
OH MY GOD!! I can honestly say that I am struck speechless, like seriously speechless. I was like wait what and then I was like OMG and then I was like No and then UGH no freaking way! Now I’m like please give me the next book, like I needed it yesterday! Ok so this is a wicked twist on angels, daemons, and soul traders. It’s a given that Tiffany King ranks extremely high in my book. Why? Well it because no matter the subject matter of what she is writing I feel like I can relate it to some section of my life even if the book is about angels, daemons, soul traders, and the anomaly known as Jordyn. How can I relate you ask? Well that simple, I’ll give it to you in a quote…

“I was alone. Alone to ponder the cards I had been dealt. Alone to make sense of what I was.”

Most people won’t own up to it right away but I believe part of moving on and growing is dealing with the cards you are dealt. Do you believe in faith and that we all have a destiny? Well in Jordyn, destiny is set out for Jordyn but not in the way you would expect considering you’re dealing with angels. So Jordyn is 17 a few months shy of the big 18 and earning what she would hope to be her freedom… little did she know that the Light has bigger plans for her. Plans that have been weaved into a web of lies. By everyone she’s trusted.

Then she meets Emrys. A hot green eyed boy who’s not a boy but something more? But is he good or bad? Is he there to help her or defeat her? SO many questions for this hot boy that make his appeal that much more alluring. There’s something about the mysterious bad boy look that has all the girls turning their head. I know I do and you give me a “…green-eyed, rebel-hottie…” that has a tattoo, *clears throat* yes please! The thing is, like most bad boys, he has this hidden sweet side. 

“To me it does,” he said quietly before grasping my hand in his.”

It doesn’t stop there though. Emrys is seriously an awesome character that I fell in love with. I call dibs on him Tiffany!! Lol but seriously. It’s cute to see how he acts around Jordyn and I love their playful banter. I just love everything about this book and cannot wait for the next book in this series.

“Sweets, all my plans begin and end with you.”

Can I just say I would love a kiss from Emrys! If Jordyn reacted the way she did, granted it was her first kiss, but my first kiss was nowhere in the vicinity of that kiss! *fans self* But just as everything is starting to look good things get muddy. Trust goes out the window when lies start to unravel. Who’s lying, what are the lying about, and what’s happens? All questions you are going to have to find out by reading Tiffany King’s new amazing novel JORDYN. When you get to the end you are going to want more and like right away.

So in the words of Jordyn, “holy freaking frick “ you are going to devour this book.

First I must say, Tiffany King is AWESOMESAUCE! I've read all her books, and having a spin off of the Saving Angels series, is well Awesomesauce with a cherry on top.

I loved seeing the characters from the Saving Angels series in this book. Krista and Mark were my favorites. Jordyn, whom they adopted, is special.  They were TOLD she lost her family and memory in a car crash. Jordyn is so special that she gets training from that , oh so AWESOME Arch Angel, Haniel! Yes Haniel is back. If you haven't met him, seriously go read the Saving Angels books.
Apparently Jordyn can kick Daemon butt, better than the protectors. Haniel is there to hone her skills and, yes as always keep secrets. (Sigh) sometimes Haniel can be Lamesauce.

Jordyn meets a Soul Trader named Emrys. He's hot, mysterious, sarcastic and totally amazingsauce. And Haniel doesn't want Jordyn anywhere near him. Does that stop Emrys from visiting, No. Does Jordyn act like the typical teenager and go places with him? OF COURSE. I will say for a dude who deals with the trading of souls, he's hot. After getting in trouble for going places with Emrys, Jordyn is put on house arrest. Then Mark and Krista agree to let her see him, based on normal teen dating status.

When on a double date Jordyn, Emrys, Lynn and Robert encounter some particular Daemons, information is brought forward that hurts Jordyn. Emrys was sent on purpose but wasn't fulfilling that purpose. What was it? And Hearing what her family and Haniel kept from her what will Jordyn do?

 This is a serious must read. I want the next book like yesterday.

So, if you want an awesomesauce book from the amazingsauce Tiffany King, go read this. You won't be sorrysauce.
 (Please note all the sauce's were in theme with part of the story)

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