Thursday, April 4, 2013

Visuals for The Cornerstone Series

Okay so like all of you, we like to visualize people when we read. If you don't do that we will be really surprised! Anyways we picked a few characters out and thought we share them with y'all so enjoy! Make sure you have a plate of cookies to pass around, Addo Larry is going to want some when you get to him!

Meet our Garrett. We don't really know his name but he's who we see when we read about him. Hottie right?! We definitely think so!!

This is who we see as Nalena. She has that innocent and shyness factor Nali has.

  1. This is our Sean. Yes he's hot. He had to be right? He's supposed to resemble Garrett, well vice versa, but you get the idea!

ZANEEN!! Love her hair... 

I would totally rock this!-Dani

Love Zane. He has this sense of humor that is beyond awesome. We love the way he talks!

"Thinky thinky"


The beautiful, fierce Veio to Zane, Robin.
It was hard to find a perfect image for her but we think this captures her strength.


She's adorable and her character is fun.

Meet Mark and Brandon. Yes we know they are not twins, but these boys captured them so well we over looked their twin-ness! 

Iris and Mr. Boodles. 

Need we say more?

Is this who we really see as Addo Larry?

But this guy captured him perfectly so we couldn't look any further for someone else to fill his shoes.

He's also wearing colors that Addo would. 


So this was our character visuals. Do you have any images for the characters in The Cornerstone Series? Don't be shy and share them! You can leave links or images in comments below this post to show us who you see! Also stop by Misty's Pinterest page here---> Cornerstone Series Cast to see who she sees as who and see the other awesome stuff she has there! We hope you liked our visuals, because, well we loved searching! Also check back tomorrow for our interview with Milo and who we see as him!

-Dani & Christina

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  1. I LOVE your Addo Larry!! I mean, LOVE LOVE LOVE your pic for him! And Mark & Brandon- you're right, that pic is them all the way! And...I heart this post. I love seeing how you guys see the characters!!!

    1. Gotta admit Misty it was kind of hard but we had fun with it. When I saw that pic, I was laughing so hard and was like this is totally Addo Larry! -Dani