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Ending the week of Awesomess with an interview with Milo!!

Hey readers we got a special treat for you today! Along with our reviews for the Cornerstone Series and the awesome Ebook Giveaways, we had the pleasure of meeting up with Milo! I know you are probably wondering why we chose Milo instead of Garrett right? Well over here on CBC we like to think outside the box, so why not Milo? He sort of won us over in the latest installment of the series, Jamb. So get to know him a little more alongside us! Dani is in Pink, Christina is Purple and then Milo will be blue just to give you guys some clarification. We will be announcing the winners for the Keystone and Jamb Ebooks at the end of this post so stay tunned!

So you're dying to know who we had the chance to sit down and talk to right? Well this is our visual for Milo. He's kinda moody but still good looking. We thought it captured his essence really well.

Hey Milo!! Thanks for taking the time to meet with us and answer some questions. We know things are a little crazy and we are thrilled you found a way to sneak away long enough! I’m Dani and this is by partner in crime, Christina! We are from the Crazy Book Chicks and are absolutely in love with the Cornerstone Series! Enough of us gushing, you ready to get grilled? *laughs*

When we first get introduced to you in Keystone, there was a lot of judgment from the others, how much did it really bother you?   Were you really angry or just trying to keep a low profile?

I’m used to it, but no, it’s never great to be the guy people don’t want around.  It’s been like this all my life though.  At some point, you gotta say, I am what I am and maybe it’s nobody else’s business.

Why did you only seek out Nali when you first joined their Cura?

Nali’s the only one I knew anything about.  We had the same father, kind of.  My father talked about her so much, she became a beautiful mystery in my childhood:  this pretty little girl that needed her father’s protection, but didn’t know it.  I was enchanted with Nalena and then, getting the chance to meet her, I was even more interested in her.  She was the only one who never really judged me.

The whole training to be an Alo and having Deeta follow you around, how did that make you feel?

It was hard lying to everyone and pretending to be something I’m not, but no one could know.  Deeta made it particularly tough.  That girl is thorough.  Nothing gets by her.

If Nali wasn’t around, would you give Deeta the opportunity to be something more than a silly crush?

You really ask the rough questions.  If I answer that, it could cause trouble for me in about three different ways, so I’m going to plead the fifth!

Watching Nalena going through the JAMB, did it bother you? It seemed like it didn't.

Are you kidding?  It was killing me, but I’m glad to hear that I played my part well.  If I’d hesitated or had shown any weakness for her, The Fury would’ve known I was a liar and a traitor to them.  That would’ve gotten us all killed.

It seems so easy to play like you don’t care, I know the feeling of having to play a role, but like Christina mentioned above, it seems like it comes a little too easy. Are you that good of an actor or should we be worried?

I don’t know how to answer that.  It sounds like you don’t trust me?
                A little wary, wouldn’t say I don’t trust you but anything can happen.

Knowing Nalena is with Garrett and his Vieo, you still want her? Why not try for another girl?

I’m happy for Nalena and Garrett.  If she’s found her Vieo, I’m glad for her.  I wish them the best. 
Why not try for another girl?  (chuckles)  Which girl do you girls want me to try for*laughs* umm me *winks*

More on what Christina just asked, I know Deeta seems a little extreme, but you are hot can’t really blame her, but why stay focused on Nali? Do you know something?

You’re really hung up on me and Nali.  What do you two know that I don’t? Hmmm more the things you show us.. maybe

How did it feel once Nali knew the truth?

You mean about the Cusp?  Relief.  She trusts me.  I don’t like keeping anything from her.

Holding secrets are hard, especially when they start to make you look guilty. Was there times were you wanted to come clean to Nali?

Sure.  There’s times when I want to tell everyone everything, but things change and I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut.  You never really know who is on your side and who isn’t.

You seem like a good guy Milo, Addo Larry seems to trust you enough so he kept your secret, are there more secrets your hiding?

Yes.  Every third Friday, I turn into a brick of cheese.  It’s a drag. 

Can you tell us anything about what’s to come in the next book, like maybe when we can expect it?

Misty said she’s working on it, starting this fall and that she expects to have it out late spring/early summer of 2014.  I hope she sticks to that.  I wanted to tell you…no, I better not.*glares* That is so mean Milo. *pouts*

It seems like you are going to end up having a bigger role than we thought, are you ready for it?

The real question is: are you ready for it?

Okay now some this or that questions just to make it a little fun!

                Boxers or Briefs  A little personal, isn’t it?  I just met you and you girls want to take me underwear shopping?  Let’s just say I like to keep things close.
                Simple or Addo  The simple answer is Addo.
                Fury or Ianua  You two really have trust issues with me, don’t you?
                Black or White  Does it matter?
                Blondes or Brunettes  Personalities.  You forgot that as an option.
                Zaneen or Robin  Oh, Zaneen, all day long.
                Zane or Garrett   I’ll take solitary for the win.

Now some Personals

                Fav. Color  Gray
                Fav. Food  Maybe not favorite, but the one that stands out the most: Buddha’s Hand.  Dai brought it for us once.  It was bizarre and therefore, my favorite, I think.
                Fav. Memory  The day I met Nalena.*see points at Milo* it’s the little things you say.
                Fav. Smell  Lavender and vanilla.  My father used to wash his hands in soap that smelled of it each night.
                Fav. Dessert  I’m more of a salty guy.  Give me a bowl of pistachios and I’d be happy.
Thanks for meeting with us Milo, it’s been real fun and take my advice, give Deeta a shot or someone else. Yea what Dani said, you never know what can happen! Bye Milo! Later dude!

You two are some of the most curious girls I’ve ever met.  Thanks for the advice.  I’ll see what I can do.  Thanks for the grilling!

Congrats to Kelly Nagy and Lisah Stephens you both have one an Ecopy of Keystone and Jamb.
You have until Friday evening to answer the emails that have been sent out or DM us on twitter. If we don't hear from you new winners will be chosen. Thank y'all for entering!

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  1. HUZZAH to Kelly & Lisah!! Thank you so much again, Christina and Dani, for such a lovely week. I love your blog and I adore the two of you! Thanks again!