Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jamb Blog Tour Stop day 1

 A second ago, Nalena opened her eyes.
And she was safe in Garrett’s arms.
Then it all comes rushing back—the riots, The Fury, the Cusp. The Ianua community is in a major jam.
Forced into survival mode, the Ianua are holed up in the fortress of the Hotel Celare. Each Cura’s top-ranking members have gathered to guard the last remaining Addo, as the entire community also scrambles to trust one another and organize a new game plan to overthrow The Fury.

The trick is to keep the human race alive.
But The Fury’s game has changed. They have a Mastermind at the helm and he is out to destroy the Ianua.
Terrifying and brilliant, this mysterious Mastermind has organized and focused The Fury like never before. He has recruited the Simple and unleashed the Cusp’s wide-spread chaos all around the world.
And behind the scenes of this big picture, Nalena and everyone
around her are busy trying to keep up, while also absorbing the rapid-fire aftershocks of their changing lives. There are traitors everywhere.
While The Cusp is expected to bring twists and turns, Nalena and Garrett never expected it to throw a silverware-drawer full of forks into the road. Each path tests their loyalty and their faith and makes them question who is who.
Including themselves.
And each other.
And in the end, some things, you can never see coming.

Oh for the love of books Misty Provencher you absolutely had me screaming,” NOOOO it can’t end there!!!!” And then I had to go back and re-read the last chapter because it had me talking in tongues. Seriously I was like “wait, what, no! WTH!! How can- no they can’t! Are you effin serious?!”
Which brings me to writing this review haha. I absolutely LOVE this series and I must say that Jamb is definitely the best of the three so far. It’s also were I see everyone truly growing. We find out Nalena is not a normal human and that what she thought was hoarding on her mother’s part wasn’t. Not everything is what it seems. Nalena finds out she’s part of a community known as Ianua, more importantly that she received the sign of Contengo. Which is epic in the community because it doesn’t happen often and when it does it means a Cusp. The very change of everything, good or bad… well it’s something you have to read to find out. In Keystone we see Nalena and Garrett’s life changing. Key members of their family is lost, lives are put in danger and sides are made. The fight to find out who is left and who is on the Ianua side or on the fury side is blurring together. 

Which brings me to Jamb. Let me tell you, I was at the edge of my seat and was so caught up in this book that I was beyond annoyed when I had to pause but I picked it up as soon as I was able to finish it because it’s that damn good! Misty Provencher has a way of capturing your attention. A way of bringing you into the story to where you feel like you are a part of it. A way of crushing you like it was actually happening to you. And I absolutely am in awe of that. There was moments were I felt like I was standing in the room with Nali and Garrett watching them spare or watching the group of Cura’s standing around waiting for Addo Larry to make his appearance in his colored sweats. 

I will tell you this, this book had me reeling. Absolutely pissed in some areas, almost in tears in others, and in absolute shock during the majority of it. I would be lying if I said my attention wasn’t captured from page one to the absolute THE END. Which I cursed by the way. How can you end it there!!! Sooo not fair and I need the next book like yesterday, so if you can get on that Misty that would be great! Haha just kidding I know you have a lot going on but umm don’t forget us die hard Garrett fans here!

It wouldn’t be a Crazy Book Chick Review without a giveaway right? Right so for all you fans that have read or haven’t started this series, shame on you if you haven’t, we will be giving away Keystone and Jamb, since Cornerstone is free right now! Soo good luck everyone and fall in love with this series so you can come talk crazy with us!


I love the Cornerstone series, so I was excited when  JAMB was released.  Misty Provencher has a great series going on here.  I figured…yayyyy this book will finish it all off.  No no…… Sorry people there is ONE more book to be had.   In this book we see Nali coming too after the fury came to attack and the tunnels had to be closed.  She is waking up in Garrett’s lap.  Not a bad way to wake up, I must say.  Everyone is talking about what comes next.  I felt to scared for them, it’s like COME ON can they not catch a break.  Don’t get me wrong here I love the story , but I am one that wants happy and I want happy NOW! HAHAH.   Addo Larry is still around and I LOVE him.   He cracks me up.  Who is missing though is heart breaking.  Brandon  and Mark are missing.  No one has seen them after the tunnels have collapsed.   How much more can the Reese Family take?  

A big meeting is called where are the other CURAS that are left come to see the ONE Addo that is left.  And he is protected by Nali, And Garrett’s family plus members of their Cura.  Another fun surprise from Keystone is Sean…… Sean is being trained to be an Addo.  Let’s just say the other Cura’s are not happy with a Simple being an Addo.    All of the Curas have their chance to talk to Addo Larry.  I absolutely love his exchange with all of them and also with Nali during that time.  Seriously Addo Larry is one of my favorites in this book.  During this meeting we find out SEAN HAS A WHAT???  (yep you gotta read it) 

You all remember Milo?  Ya he is the only one from his Cura.  No one likes him or trusts him.  I don’t blame them, he’s kind weird.  Well he says he is he’s Alo and Deeta has been chasing him, Milo is just avoiding everyone it seems.   When some CRAZY happens and MILO takes Nali with him , I SCREAMED….. and then Garrett??? I was pulling my hair!!  I wanted to throw the book.  But then…. I have to say my biggest surprise in this book?  Milo.  I find him quite fun now!  

Well I shouldn’t say that was the biggest surprise…. Then FREAKING ENDING was!!   I was like NOOO…. Don’t stop now.  Well Now I have to wait.  Just when I thought….”Fewww everything is righting itself”  Nali and Garrett have more troubles to face.  If you haven’t gotten JAMB yet…. You should.  Find out what all my crazy ranting is about.   Misty I am begging you…. Hurry with book 4! 

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  1. You two are absolutely AMAZEBALLS! I love the reviews!! It makes me wildly happy to have you stirred up a little crazier! Thank you so much for being you and for helping so much to spread the word and get the books into new hands. I love yas both!!