Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jamb Excerpt and playlist

Hey lovelies!! We have an excerpt from Jamb(book 3 in The Cornerstone Series) by Misty Provencher! If you haven't figured it out yet... Misty Provencher can really write some scenes! What we mean is... you actually feel the emotion. You can see it as if it's playing on a screen in your head. So here is you're tease!

“You better remember that I’m Contego now, Garrett,” I fume.  “And protecting the Addos is just as much my job as it is yours.  You better start seeing me as an equal and let me do what I’m here to do.”
Garrett’s hooded gaze remains vicious as he growls, “You aren’t ready for this.  You just started training and you’ve already been thrown into things that were way over your head.”
Sean cracks his knuckles.  It draws all of our attention, but Sean only focuses on Garrett.
“Nali’s handled everything that’s come at her, little bro.”  His voice is hardly louder than a whisper and then he laughs,  “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually think Zane-boni’s got it right this time.  You’re never going to believe Nalena’s ready because you want to keep her safe, but you’ve got to let her stand on her own two feet now.  We need her.”
Garrett’s shoulders crumble a little and turns away from us.  He crosses the room in silence.  He opens the bedroom door and disappears inside.  The door wafts closed and only a moment passes before I hear Garrett’s fist slam into the wall.
“You guys should go,” I say.

SO addicting! Makes us want to re-read it all over again! 

I'm really big on reading while listening to music, well writing too. I love music and like to find songs that match what I'm feeling while I'm reading. Usually I do that while I read or before to set the general mood, but this time I waited till after. With the help of Christina, we came up with a small playlist that kind of reminds us of this series. If you have questions about some songs, feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you with an answer!
 xoxo Dani

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  1. Spending my morning listening to your playlist. It's beautiful! Gonna have to call on you two for some songs for the next list!

    1. I love music so let me know when you need me! -Dani