Friday, December 21, 2012


Hey Guys, Christina here. I am usually not the one making the posts. Dani does them all, so I'm trying one out, using the Blogger app!
Dani and I became friends when she tweeted me about her love for Reed in Amy Bartol's premonition series!
Dani works hard, for our blog. She's amazing and I love her to death. I think our blog would flop if she wasn't at the post helm! I wanted to make this post in appreciation of here. And in doing so I'm giving away the first book in the premonition series by Amy Bartol. So Tweet me, which book Character started our friendship. Tweet the @Crazybookchicks twitter. First one to answer gets the Ebook!
Love you lots my friend and sister girl :)

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  1. You two are like glitter and glue, I'm bad at rhyming, please don't sue. ;) I love this post!! Good luck with your giveaway!!