Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Teaser Tuesday-Logan

Hey guys! So most of you know from last week I'm writing a book, well attempting to. I guess that's how everyone starts out right? Well this week I have a teaser from Logan. He's become my favorite person. He's so sweet but has this "don't mess with me" vibe. The typical bad boy that's not afraid to show his heart. 

My right hand lifts to push her hair back behind her ear and when my skin makes contact with her face, sparks fly. It’s like when you get a static shock but one that continues and races its way all over your body. Her eyes widen, that’s when I know she felt it too. I trace her jaw line and her lips part. My thumb skims over her bottom lip releasing it from the torture her teeth seem to be inflicting on it. Her lips are soft and smooth. Her breath smells sweet and I want to taste her. My eyes connect with her as I begin to lean in, giving her the ok to push me away if she wants me to stop. The only movement is her rapid breathing, her chest is connecting with mine, and my lips are about to connect to hers.

Eeep! So that's Logan, don't you just love him? I do! Stay tuned for next week, April will have a few things to say :)

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