Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Teaser Tuesday-Dani

Okay everyone we have a super surprise for you today!!!! Dani has been working on a book, and I said that she needs to share a bit with us! She is super talented!!! I have read what she has and can't wait to have it in it's entirety!!! :)

So a few special scenes have been chosen to be shared with you all! April and Logan are the two characters in the book. So without further ado .... Here is an excerpt from Dani's book! One in Logan's POV and one in April's POV. Love ya girlie!!! 

Hey everyone, I want to say that I;m really nervous about all of this. I've always wanted to write. April's story is close to my heart. The majority of her story is based on my life, up until she meets Logan. So thank y'all for giving me the chance to share something with you. Don't be afraid to leave a blog comment! I also want to thank Christina, by partner in crime/friend and Heather for encouraging me to try something I've always wanted and believing I could!

Thanks again!!


Everything is moving so quick, I felt a stinging on my face and realized he just slapped me. I snap. I start fighting with my dad. Cue black out! People talk about outer body experiences when they are close to death, but I swear I had one. I could literally see myself fighting with my dad, and then slamming him through the glass doors of the showers. My brother hears the commotion comes and pulls me off of him then sends me to my room. I call Lisa because she’s the only one I could think of, no answer. I call Sandra and she sends her dad. I see my dad walking into my room saying something but I do not comprehend anything he is saying. I just see the bottle of alcohol he has in his hand and the fact that he pinned me between him and the window. I keep thinking, well the ground isn’t too far if he pushes me out, I’ll be hurt but it shouldn’t kill me. He’s thrusting a bottle into my hand telling me “Hit me, you hate me so hit me.” I put the bottle down on the dresser and he’s picking it back up, and then slams it on his forehead. Blood and glass is flying everywhere, it’s all over my face, my clothes. What do I do? I turn my face and throw up. I've seen enough blood to last a lifetime, I'm not squeamish at all, but have you seen skin split? The most disgusting thing ever. I heard the crack of the bottle on his skull, seen the blood spurt out, and the skin separate. At least I know I could never be a doctor. My brother is pulling him out of my room when I hear sirens getting close. I’m hyperventilating talk about a bad time for my asthma to act up. I keep seeing black spots in front of my eyes and know I’m about to pass out. The room tilts and all the light disappears.

I wake up in my bed thinking it was just a dream. Then I see towels all over my floor and realize it wasn’t a nightmare, it was reality.  I called my mom into the room to see what happened, but I needed to see what was going to happen now.
 “Hey mom, so what do we do now?”

 “Well he’s at your grandparent’s house, sober, and want’s to speak to you.”

 “I’m only going to say this once, so listen. I don’t want anything to do with him, So I’m going to give you three options.”

 She looks at me with this look of exhaustion. This has been wearing her down. I wonder just how much she put up with to try and keep our family together. I feel guilty. I haven’t made it easy on her like I was supposed to be doing. Yes I worked, yes I gave her money if she needed it, but there’s been something going on that she’s been hiding from us. I feel awful, but give her my ultimatums. I can't stay here with him. I refuse to be subjected to any more abuse whether it's emotional or physical. 

“So you have a few choices. You and I can move out and away from him, you can stay and I’ll leave and you won’t see me again, or you can visit me in jail for killing him."


I’m walking down Gillespie heading toward the first empty field. I see water bubbling up from the ground, but as I get closer the smell is anything but water. It’s getting dark and the sun is starting to set behind the Red Rock Mountains, casting pinks and oranges into the sky. It’s quiet, too quiet. My senses are straining to pick up any sound or movement. That’s when I catch it. A small flicker of light shines through an opening in the abandoned house on the corner adjacent to the field, everything is screaming at me to run. I do the opposite. I ignore my intuition to flee and creep my way to a window. The gravel is loud, crunching underneath my shoes. My heart is beating fast, spreading adrenaline into by blood stream, that’s the only thing I hear. The alternating tempo of crunching gravel and my rapidly beating heart, even the birds have gone still.

 I make it to the window on the side of the house that the light shone from, but all I see is empty shadows, cold and dark. Could it be possible that my mind was playing a trick on me? If that was the case then why is every single hair on my body standing at attention? That prickly feeling you get when someone is watching you makes its way down my neck. Fear envelopes every molecule of my being, this is it. He’s finally come back for me. It takes everything in me to not run. I don’t want him to sense the fear that I imagine is being broadcasted to whoever it was behind me. How did he sneak up on me?

 Then comes the most chilling voice I have ever heard. It was dark, deep, and terrifying. “It is time Logan. We gave you the opportunity to come to us on your own, but we can wait no longer.”

 “Nothing was supposed to happen to my 19th birthday unless my anger was able to take control. I still have a few months.”

 “No. We won’t wait that long so make your choice now.”

 “My choice is the same as it was the day you stood in front of my house. I will not bend to you or whoever you serve. My life is my own to command.”

 “So be it, but you are making a huge mistake, I hope you are ready to deal with the consequences that will come from this.”

He was gone. I turned around in circles trying to locate where he was, but all that was around me was darkness. A breeze tore through the house making it come alive with creepy sounds and making me shiver. My attention was drawn back to the empty lot and the sound of bubbling water is replaced by a gurgling. I start to make my way over to the hole in the ground and see what I thought was water was thick and reeked of decaying flesh. The street light casts an eerie glow on the street and the ground that was once sandy in color is a deep red. 

I start to back away when the light catches on something in the pool of blood, a silver bracelet. A bracelet that I never wanted to see covered by blood, in that instant my feet have a mind of their own and are making their way to the arm I see. The body comes into focus and I drop to my knees. It’s flowing all around me now, encasing me in this torment and agony. My mother. 

I've also been working on a playlist as I go along with telling the story. Music seems to help when I'm trying to remember something important, or getting the feeling just right. These two songs are what fits the mood of the moment. Hope y'all enjoyed the songs and the tease! XOXO 

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