Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Witch's Curse

 The Witch's Curse (Book 1.1) is an e-format prequel short story in the Legend of the Dreamer series that can be read before or after Light of the Moon (Book 1).

Before Kate met Calum in Light of the Moon, Magda met Samuel.

Magda cannot stop her heart from running rampant with the beating drum of love. Whenever her eyes find Samuel, she can feel the pull of strings so vividly alive against her heart. But for Magda, love goes against fate; her destiny as a witch forbids her to need anything but the dark binds of magic. Soon, the witch's curse begins to call to Magda. To deny her love for Samuel would be unthinkable, but to defy her destiny would be impossible. Before the curse can consume her, Magda must decide between Samuel and destiny, and her heart may beat too savagely for anyone to stop.

 "I have to believe in love."-Magda

So here's the thing that I love most about David James... No matter what words he chooses to speak they all make you feel. They all make your heart break a little more when something sad happens, when a choice has to be made. But the most amazing thing is, no matter what the words say there's always and underlying meaning. I wasn't sure I was going to read this book, not because I didn't want to, but because it's a Novella and they usually always leaving me wanting to know more. However I did want to know more about Magda and Samuel, but I was satisfied with what was told. Do I have questions or wonders? Of course but isn't that what makes a good book, good? Not knowing everything leaves something to the imagination, though David's imagination is amazing, I like to leave it up to my own to fill in the day to day's with Magda and Samuel.

"We are the same, Magda. You are my star, and I am yours." -Samuel

I fell in love with Calum in Light of the Moon, even Kate held a place close to my heart.. being honest I didn't care much for Magda. After reading The Witch's Curse made me understand her a whole lot more. Have I mentioned that I cried? Yea well I am a huge sap when it comes to characters in books. I form this bond somehow with all the character's I read about and when something sad happens to them I feel it to my core. That's what makes a great writer though. If they can convey the feelings to you, the reader, than they did their job. 

"Our love is infinite."-Samuel

So David James congratulations on achieving something some people only dream of. You are able to convey to your readers what your characters are feeling and that's what makes you an amazing force in the world of literature. I can't wait to read what you write next. 

I have to admit I highlighted so much in this Novella. lol. So many phrases spoke to me, touched me, but one of the best one's I have to say that hit home to me was this one:

"How can this world be all there is, Samuel? The sky is so vast, so infinite in darkness at night. How can there be nothing beyond what we can see?"-Magda

Sometimes we forget the possibilities of more than us being here. What if David is right? What if the stars hold the secret to something much more vast than we can comprehend? What if we are all just shells of something much bigger and greater? Maybe thats the message or lesson we have to learn. We are all but single stars shinning in a vast sky, but when we come together form constellations that mean so much more as a group, united. 


David James is a genius with words! Loved Light of The Moon, and the Witches Curse was spectacular!! Love and curses never go together, they always end in heartbreak.

We learn more of the burden Magda Carries and what she gave up in this short story. And Samuel, more men like him please.

David is so poetic and beautiful in his writing that I felt I was sitting there and feeling the sadness with Magda. If this sets us for the feelings in the sequel to Light of the Moon, I know I can't wait! 


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