Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Unlikely Allies

Eighteen-year-old Kimberly gets the shock of her life when she learns the father she thought was dead is not only very much alive, but never even knew she existed. Angry with her mother for lying all these years, Kimberly flies to Colorado to meet the father she knows nothing about before heading off to college in the fall.

Her father’s world turns out to be nothing like she expected. Rather than the typical nine to five lifestyle, Kimberly’s father runs a summer foster camp that teaches young children skills to build their confidence and self-esteem. The Colorado Rocky Mountains are a different world than the sunny shores of California, taking Kimberly completely out of her element, and causing her to second-guess her spur of the moment decision.
Never being one to quit anything, Kimberly is determined to show her father that a surfer girl can fit into this rugged mountain wilderness. That is if she can deal with Mason, an arrogant nineteen-year-old guy who has made it his mission to point out every mistake she has made since her arrival. While she would love nothing more than to rub it in his know-it-all face, Kimberly can’t deny the feelings he stirs up inside her, or the chemistry between them, even during their verbal assaults.

When a tragic accident leaves them stranded in the mountains, Kimberly must use her shaky skills to save Mason and survive the elements. Suddenly, fighting is the last thing on their minds as they must rely on each other if they want to live. In their struggle for survival, they realize what they thought they knew about each other isn’t true after all.

So Tiffany King is amazing isn’t she?!  She keeps be wanting more of her books, it’s insane!  Tiffany has a way of making you fall for the characters in a matter of minutes. Granted, I was a little confused about Mason and his “AMS” , want to know what that stands for, read the book! Lol seriously though Tiffany’s characters are so amazing and have depth that makes it seem as though you are a bystander in the movie playing in your mind. 

Kimberly, Kimmie, Beach Bunny, or Kimbe, is a Californian who happens to be an amazing artist. It’s the summer vacation before she heads out to UCLA when she finds out that she indeed has a father whom knew nothing about her. Always wanting to know who her father is, she decides to go to Denver to stay with him for 6 weeks. Talk about a culture shock right? Her father, Rick, is the proud owner of a camp, Unlikely Allies, in which foster kids attend. Let me tell you how awesome this is, my kiddos were in the foster system for about a year before I was able to get them and then finally adopt them. Something like this would be amazing to kids who are passed from home to home, with that being said, on to Mason ;) . So Kimberly makes it to the camp and is immediately attracted to a guy, cue Mason, only to find some hostility. Then Amy, a camp counselor and alumni of the camp, befriends Kimbe, as Amy calls her, and it’s like long lost sisters meeting for the first time. Let me tell you Amy is one of my favorite characters, she’s so dang funny that I couldn’t get enough of her! Hopefully Tiffany will make a book for her, she totally needs one!

So as camp progresses the teasing continues as does their attraction to each other. Rick gives the counselors a night off and that’s when things between Mason and Beach Bunny start moving in the right direction. Swoon worthy first kiss that isn’t stopped by the pouring rain, but by a camper whose run away. Groups are made, Mason and Kimberly take one of the trails and the down pour erodes part of the trail they are on and all hell breaks loose.  

That is all I will say about the book lol, torture I know, but it will make you want to rush and pick it up to read it right away! I will tell you that it is HEA and that’s what matters right?! 


So I have read many of Tiffany King's books and have loved them.  I heard many people loved this one so I thought I would give this one a read too. I am SO Glad that I did! The title made me think that the two kids in the book would be that.... I didn't think the camp name would be called that. AND I LOVED IT! I think Kimberly is my kind of girl!! I think we could be friends.  She says stuff that I would have said as well.  Love her Dad Rick. He is an amazing man doing great things for kids in foster care! I would have worked at a camp like that. I love to work with kids. I was so happy to see the route Kimberly did in this book.  The tension between Kimberly and Mason was funny.  I just loved the whole "get there yourself" theme in the book and how everyone took care of each other.  You might say.... Christina... you are not saying much about what is in the book.  Nope I am not.... I would give it all away. I think this is one that you need to "get there yourself".  Loved it!


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  1. Eeeeeeeeep I love the double reviews girls!!!!!!! You guys are toooooo awesome :)

  2. I can't wait to read it! Tiffany King is one awesome lady! :)

  3. @ Tiffany no ma'am you are the awesome one!

    @ Amy she totally is and you are going to love Unlikely Allies, seriously, its going to leave you wanting more!