Monday, September 3, 2012

Lucky Break

One lucky break is all struggling actress Sidney Williams needs. But when living the LA life becomes too much, she heads back to the small town of Shamrock Falls for the
vacation she needs to get her life on track—and immediately runs into Kade Mitchell, her former best friend and the boy next door she’s always regretted leaving behind.

Kade, the new owner of Lucky’s—once the most popular bar in Shamrock Falls—is determined to bring the place back to its former glory, and seeing Sidney again is a distraction he doesn’t need. Sure, the chemistry between them is explosive, but Kade can’t let himself fall into a fling with his best friend—not when he knows she’s soon heading back to the glitter of Tinseltown.

Now, with the possibility of her first major acting role looming, Sidney must decide if her lucky break is in Hollywood or right where she left it—in Shamrock Falls.
Lucky Break is an amazing read! Kelly Vitollo, aka Nyrae Dawn, is an even more amazing writter in the adult genre then her normal YA.  I don’t need to tell you how big a fan I am, seriously my old blog and twitter says it all, but what I will say is that I’m still able to be amazed by this amazing author.  

Sidney, Peaches, escaped to LA to follow her dreams of becoming an actress. Well like most people who do the same thing, struggle on casting calls, but she managed to land a few commercials and a boyfriend in the same career path. Well her last audition didn’t go the way she wanted, boyfriend lands a movie and is moving to NY. With no boyfriend, no acting jobs, and the overwhelming feeling of needing to run, Sidney finds herself heading back to the very place she left.

Kade finally is able to leave his mom and chase after his own dreams which land him back home where memories plague him only to find the source of his pain staring back at him. It’s been 5 years, so many strong emotions, what’s going to happen?

Working to get their friendship back on track Sindey and Kade find themselves fighting the electrifying attraction they have toward each other. Neither wanting to fall in love because it’s only temporary right? Well let’s just say it has a happily ever after ending!

Last night I started Lucky Break by Kelley Vitollo.  I loved it!  Sweet Story.   The Story Takes place in Shamrock Washington not far from Seattle.  Sidney Has left there to become an actress right after she graduated, leaving behind her best friends Rowan and Kade.  A few of lifes "unlucky" events has caused her to take a month vaction home.  She meets up with the friends she left behind without saying good-bye to them. 

Kade was really mad when Sidney left but finds himself remembering why he loves her so much.  The story takes us through Sidney reconnecting with Kade and Rowan and re-thinking what she wants from life.  She and Kade decided to give into their attraction to each other and try a relationship while she is still back home.  When she gets a call about getting a movie offer she is sad and doesn't seem as thrilled as she should be. It was cute to watch them fall in love with each other and try to deny it before Sidney heads back home! I loved the ending! Happily Ever After books are my fave!  I won't mention the ending... I just want to say Read it! :)


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  1. I just finished this and I absolutely loved it! I love romance and it was a cleaner variety which I really loved even more. It got to the heart of their love without all the gunk. I love stories where they are friends first. That's how it should be. I was glued from start to finish. Read it in one sitting, couldn't get enough!

    I am really interested in a Betsy/Jace story and a Rowan story. I was kind of a Betsy and I want someone for her...well, I want Jace for her!

  2. I know that Rowan's story will be next in the Shamrock Falls Series.. Here's Kelley's site you can check out for more info and we'll post when we get more info!