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For Always-Jordan's POV for Halloween!

Hey guys, hope you all had a great weekend! We both had an amazing time last week interviewing Jordan Brewer from Danielle Sibarium's book For Always. If you haven't had the chance to check it out, you absolutely have to! We are giving away a paperback copy here on the blog, so scroll down and read the interview, though it does have spoilers, so be cautious, and enter the chance to win! Danielle is totally awesome! She's been playing around with Jordan's POV and giving us die hard Jordan fans his take from a few chapters in the book. Go check out her website HERE to read Chapter 4, the smokey bus scene, from his POV. Dani here, I can't tell you enough how much I absolutely love Jordan, totally would steal him away from Stephanie if I could ;)!

Ok so you know how we said how totally awesome Danielle is? Well one of the scenes Dani wanted to see what Jordan was thinking was the Halloween scene...if you haven't read the book you wont understand why she decided she had to know what he was thinking, Dani is a bit weird lol.(I am and I'm totally ok with it) Well Danielle provided that particular scene!!! OMG can we tell you how excited Dani was, she totally screamed! Ok so without further ado here is the Halloween Scene from Jordan's POV. (chapter 2 around page 13)


I hated the stupid fume filled bus. It snaked through the streets of my neighborhood slower than a turtle in quick sand. Stupid smelly bus. Of all the days my car had to give me a problem it had to be today. It wasnt bad enough I had to stay after school for a meeting on how we can improve the reach of the schools paper to the student body, or that Angela had been waiting at my locker to try and convince me we should Work things out. It was her idea to break up in the first place. No these werent the main reasons I was out-of-this-realm-annoyed with taking the bus home. The main reason, it was Halloween.
            Every year kids would drive through the neighborhood throwing socks filled with dissected frogs and worms from a high school lab. Probably some biology teacher's kid swiped and sold them. Busses were popular targets though. The last thing I needed was a distracted driver.
            I hadn't taken the bus since I got my car and hated it even more today than I did six months ago. Each stop seemed to take a ridiculous amount of time. First the people took forever getting on, then as soon as the driver would close the doors and pull away we'd have to stop at a red light. I looked around at the other riders. A group of them in the back were dressed to impress as zombies and vampires. Didn't they know they looked ridiculous? I couldn't wait to be done with this crowded hunk of metal.
            Finally, we approached my stop. I signaled to the driver I wanted to get off. With screeching brakes and the belching of exhaust fumes the bus stopped. At first I didnt notice the group running amuck in front of my house, but as the driver pulled away the screaming and squealing of the girls had my full focus.  Five girls, and they looked gross! I watched them as I crossed the street, covering each other with shaving cream and eggs. A mess I'd no doubt be cleaning. So help them if one comes my way . . . I thought as I passed them.   
            See, he doesnt want to hang out with us. 
The voice caught my attention. I knew it, though I hadn't heard much of it. She had to be there covered under all that shaving cream. I took a closer look as they turned their attention from one another to me, Maria, Beth, Kylie, Paige and Stephanie. Stephanie's was the one I had been looking for. I didn't want to get caught up in conversation. but I had to acknowledge them somehow. I smiled, gave a quick wave and walked into my house.
Yes he does. Youll see.  I heard Beth snap at Stephanie in her snotty know-it-all tone as I closed the door behind me. I thought of opening the door and yelling out, no Beth I don't. I really, really don't! Ooh Beth could gat under my skin.
"Hey Jordan," my mother called to me. "Did you see those girls outside?" She snickered amused.
"Yeah," I groaned.
"They've been waiting for you."
As if my day hadn't been bad enough now I had more fun to contend with. A bunch of freshman girls jumping up and down for me to notice them covered in sticky, slimy goo.  Who thought that was cool?
"Hey, go outside, get your mind off things and we'll get your car after dinner."
Maybe she was right, maybe I should just go out there and blow off some steam. On the upside, there were five of them and only one of me. That had to prove entertaining. It would've been better  though if the girls were mud fighting instead. That I could get into, watching a bunch of barely dressed girls throwing it down in the mud wearing little more than panties and wet tee shirts.
I let that thought run wild in my mind as I changed into some grungier clothes. Before I went back out I peeked out the window to make sure they were still there.  They were, and Stephanie, quiet, shy Steph unload on  Beth. I smiled. She deserved it the way she  snapped at Stephanie. Good for her!
The rest of the group turned on Beth as well. She became the main dish in a cream and egg banquet. I heard her yell and shriek. I wondered why it made me so happy watching her get doused. Was it because Stephanie did it? I shook that idea off. Stephanie was sweet and pretty, but way too young. And way too innocent. Yet here I was  thinking of her like that covered in mud.
I continued to watch Stephanie looking triumphant and happy. I never saw her look so carefree. She looked beautiful, even in her current state. Watching her inspired me. I dashed into the kitchen, grabbed a paper plate, and filled the entire dish with shaving cream so it looked like a pie. Now I was ready! 
Amidst the craziness, the girls didn't notice me sneak out. Once I got behind her I knew my mission was accomplished, the element of surprise was on my side. I caught her mid-laugh as I tapped her shoulder. I felt a thrill rising up, from my stomach to my chest.
I couldn't help the smirk that covered my face.  Our eyes met and she stood there smiling, frozen. I saw so much communicated in that smile; friendship, trust, and desire. It was the first time I saw that in her eyes.  She was so focused on me she didn't notice my hand or what was in it. Not until it was too late. She had no time to duck or move.
I pulled the plate away from Stephanie's face and laughed. Everyone laughed. I couldn't stop. I leaned over and held my stomach. I watched her eyes change from surprise to shock to anger, but her eyes never left me. And just like that my day got a whole lot better!

So OMG Love Love Love Jordan, and Love Danielle Sibarium for providing Jordan's POV for us! Make sure you check out his interview, though we didn't show it, Dani was so crushing on Jordan, quite comical to see how "girly" and shy she was being! Anyways we hope you enjoy his POV and enter the contest! We can't thank you enough on all the love you guys are sending our way on twitter and Facebook!

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