Monday, September 3, 2012


Hey blogger world,Dani here! We are two chicks who are addicted to reading! Seriously, like its our drug of choice, one that we can never get a fill of! Our love of reading is what got us talking. We were totally fancrushing on Amy Bartol and our love of Reed got us talking about other books we liked and started this fabulous friendship!

 So a little about ourselves:

Christina is a wonderful mother of 2 amazing kiddos! She loves Vampires, probably more than I do ;)... True Blood, TVD and Twilight, just to name a few.  She lives in California, which I'm totally jealous of because Nyrae Dawn lives like practically in the same vicinity as her and I'm a major Nyrae Dawn fan! haha enough of Christina, since she didn't want to give me more on her ;)

So I'm Danielle, Dani, and I'm a proud momma of 3 little boys! A little background...I adopted my kids back in December or 2011, but officially had them all to my self in December of 2010...I absolutely adore them, my life without them is unimaginable! I love love LOVE to read, seriously people think I have a sickness! My face is always glued to my iPhone's Kindle app, but nothing beats the love I have for an actual book! I'm slowly growing my library! Christiana has me beat when it comes to books in our Kindles though!

So that's enough about us! Make sure you follow us on our twitter @CrazyBookChicks ! Reviews and giveaways are coming soon!

The Crazy Book Chicks


  1. Welcome to the blogging world crazy chicks! Amy Bartol is just as awesome in person as her books...maybe even better. ;)

  2. We're hoping one day we get to meet her! Would be so awesome, it seems like everything happens on the East Coast and we are both West Coast peeps :) Thanks for the follow!