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In the fourth and final installment, everything is on the line. Merrick's life is in the balance and Lily is their only hope. Ellie and her new powers are miraculous, but also problematic; if she's with the bunker family, they won't be able to sense when the Lighters are there. There are many new members to the bunker and sparks will fly, and with the food shortage, they will all have plenty to deal with. Miguel is intrigued with Rylee, her past and her spunk. Ryan and Elli are barely scratching the surface of their relationship. Cain and Lillian will have to deal with Daniel, who has no qualms about showing his true feelings for her. And Sherry and Merrick…what will happen to this happenstance family who have worked so hard to come together? Can they all survive? Can they all withstand the new enemy that is right outside their door? Can they beat the Lighters, once and for all…

First let me say sorry it took me so long today to get our post together, moving sucks major sometimes! Shelly Crane, what can I say that would truly capture the way I feel about Revolution? I haven’t reviewed the rest of the Collide Series and I’m thinking I may have to remedy that because; this series is seriously one of the best series that shows the struggle of life and love. 

First and foremost, for those of you have already read the Collide series up until this point, take a major deep breath and know Merrick is very much still with us! I was so worried but knew Shelly wouldn’t do that to us, I mean she is a HEA girl! I’ve read all her other books and I’ve never been disappointed! So a lot happens in this book, I mean it has to right since it’s the end. Is it going to be the end of human life as we know it, or is the Lighters reign finally over? 

LOVE! OMG all the love that is instilled in this book is so breathtaking that I’m actually jealous of the relationships these characters have. A band of people who knew absolutely nothing about each other when everything got started formed an incredible family that some don’t see in the actually relatives they have. That in its own is truly inspirational and just shows you that family is who make it. Merrick and Shelley, their love is so awe worthy that whenever I’m reading about them I have this ridiculously huge grin on my face, totally and completely love them! Then there is Cain. Fell in love with Cain and was so happy when he got Lillian. Their love is amazing too, as is Danny and Celeste’s love. I’m telling you so much love, oh and Jeff and Marissa can’t forget them! Then there is the lovely Lily; the sweet, innocent, beautiful girl who is so important on so many levels and helps in more ways than one.  Sigh…then there is Daniel, the Lighter who turned sides…I can’t really talk about Daniel without giving away what happens, I happened to fall in love with him too and I believe my tears started around him. The most important thing to know about Daniel is he helps save the world from his fellow kinsmen.  Calvin comes into play into this book as well and he is a damn good special!

I love alternating POV, to me it makes each character more real by providing depth that we don’t see from single POVs. Shelly totally uses this in this book and it’s amazing, we even get a POV from Lily at the end. Love that little girl, I can hear her giggle in my mind know.  This was an amazing ending to an amazing series, and though I’m sad to see the end is here, I could not be happier or more thrilled at how it ended. Love Love Love Shelly Crane!  


First of all I LOVE Shelly Crane. I have read all her series! And Revolution is the end to her Collide series.  I have waited a bit for this book to find out what happened to Merrick.  Well thankfully my favorite still with us.  You can rest assured there.  The whole book is just wow!! If you have read the others you know that the whole gang is fighting for their lives basically. I won't explain the Keeper/specials relationships..... Go read Collide for that. But Just everyone in this book learns "love in the moment". They never knew what was happening next or how long they were going to live.  Shelly takes us through MANY different POV's in this book.  Not just Sherry and Merrick.  At the End.... even LILY gets a POV.  She is so adorable.  I am writing this after just finishing and my eyes still have the dried tears from the happy I just read.  Remember LILY is the Key in this book.... pay attention to her! I LOVE that kid! Shelly did an amazing Job giving us the POV of different people.  I love Sherry and Merrick.....and let me tell you Cain is a Close second.  Yes Lillian comes with him but Cain..... He is just awesome.  I am sad to see these characters go but so glad they way Shelly wrapped up this series! They were given HOPE! (Winks at you all) And Love how "Daniel saved them all”.  So go now.... get Revolution if you haven't OR RUN and start with Collide and get moving through this series!


Buy Revolution on Amazon Here and on Nook HERE Trust me you want to buy it now and read it, and if you haven't started the Collide series you might want to do that like now!

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