Friday, September 7, 2012


Hey guys Dani here, I just wanted to say thanks again for being so amazingly supportive! We are still trying to figure out the whole blogging world, so it means a lot to us! Christina is pretty awesome, she's holding down the twitter page while I'm trying to learn how to improve our blog. She also managed to create a Facebook page, so be sure to stop by and Like us over HERE !!

We both had a pretty busy day today, which is why there wasn't a post! We are currently reading Shelley Crane's last book in the Collide Series, Revolution, and we are so pumped so be looking for the review some time tomorrow! Then we will be getting back to Heather Hildenbrand's Blood Bond, I'm so nervous, the ending of Cold Blood had me worried, but Christina told me I have nothing to worry about so I'm going to trust her!

We will get our act together soon, we'll I will anyways! I'm kind of holding Christina back a tad, lol, I just moved houses and everything is all over the place and my boys are a handful at times, so sadly the reading is put last on the list. On top of that I came down with a cold, but I promise we will be getting to posting at least one review a day soon! We tend to read at least two books, so hopefully we will be getting there soon. If you guys have any book recommendations, let us know, comment, tweet us , facebook us or shoot an email to!

Thanks again for all the love and support, we are completely thrilled with the opportunity of being apart of the book blogging world!


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