Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Karma Bites

All Abigail Thompson ever wanted is to be normal. Instead she got a vampire obsessed mom and a stamp labeling her Karma, California's resident freak.

Her life suddenly looks up when bad boy Caleb Evans saves her from Attack of the Killer Mean Girls. He isn't the only boy to notice her. Gabriel Chambers appears in town and Abby finds herself trapped between two boys, both with secrets she longs to uncover.

Soon she finds her life isn't what she thought and strange things really do go bump in the night. The lines between normal and abnormal are blurred and to top it off, someone is after her. The question is who? Her new found best friend or the boy she has grown to love?

Trusting the wrong person could get her killed...

So I have already told you how much I LOVE Nyrae Dawn, right? Well I love love love her like seriously, she’s in my top 5 favorite authors! I have read all her books and was thrilled to see she was tackling the realm of paranormal with Karma Bites! It is so different from her current books that she has released that I could not wait to read it! Christina and I are major Vampire fans, seriously, and Karma Bites, not only involves our love of Vamps, but also our love of love. This book just proves how amazingly awesome and versatile Nyrae is! I’m also happy to say that there will be a sequel, now when it comes out isn’t set in stone yet, I mean Nyrae is kicking major butt writing and releasing books this year! 

Now to the Karma Bites! Abby is a girl who is constantly picked on by the LP, you know kind of like the “plastics” in Confessions of a teenage Drama queen. Anyways the leader overheard some info that of course had to spread, I mean its high school and nothing like high school but some juicy gossip! Ugh so glad I’m past that! So the gossip that’s passed around is that Abby is a “vampire freak”.  Some backstory is well her mom is basically afraid of things that go bump in the night; her mom seriously could put Buffy to shame with all the info she knows about vampires.  All Abby wants is to be normal….she meets Caleb…then Gabe…and then things start really getting interesting!

So Caleb is the guy that Abby has had a secrete crush on, who begins starting to talk to her when he found her crying in the wood by his cabin. He also saves her from the LP and soon becomes her protector from the LP. He also gives her the most adorable nickname of Kitten, the guy is a major sweetheart though he has his moments. Then Gabe happens. Abby is excited that she now has two friends, Gabe seems sweet, nice, and seems like he is really sincere. That’s when Caleb gets defensive. Along the way  a relationship develops but I won’t say with who, you are going have to read it to get all the juicy details, but I will say OMG the swoon worthy kisses are awesome! 

Now you’re probably wondering where vampires come into play right? Well Abby finds out some pretty interesting information about her biological father that she’s never met. Someone who’s gotten really close to her turns out to be hiding a secret, and being normal, well that might never happen. Intrigued yet? Go buy the book and find out what happens for yourself!


I was excited to read this book by Nyrae Dawn because I have read all her others and I do love a paranormal book.  When I first started I was expecting Abby to be a vampire.... well..... maybe ;)  THEN I waited to see WHO the vampires where because really by the title there was one in there somewhere.  Abby is a "loner" at school. All the kids make fun of her because her mom is this "crazy" lady afraid of vampires.  Abby has NO idea who her dad is.  She has this mad crush on Caleb! He seems kind of quiet.  They end up walking to and from school a lot, and you can guess what happens.  Now I don't want to give anymore away because I would just tell you the whole book. Basically I LOVED this book, I just wished it continued a little longer! Nyrae did mention that there would be more..... soon or later.  I was scared a few times in the book and even tweeted her and told her so.  Loved that!  I was sad to see the book end because, yes I just wanted a little bit more. Now I can officially say I have read ALL of Nyrae Dawn's books.  Next is to meet her since she lives about 45 minutes from me! ;)


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  1. So glad you loved it as much as I did! (I NEED book two like yesterday! Lol!) Love your blog girls!;) We need Nyrae's next book to read now, right? XOXO

  2. OMG it was awesome and we completely agree book 2 needs to be out ASAP! I know I can not wait for Charade to be released! Thanks, the blog is pretty awesome, we are so shocked and amazed and grateful for all the love and support! Thank you!